The Howard Company: The Digital Signage Champions

Paul Schwantes, Digital Services Manager
When it comes to advertising, choosing the right medium to communicate with customers is essential to growing a business. Organizations have long relied on written descriptions and posters to get customers to notice. But with the evolution of digital channels, it is going to take more than just a billboard to invite the customers’ attention.

The future lies in digital signage, which offers a dynamic medium of communication between brands and consumers. The Howard Company is an expert in offering a wide-range of robust digital signage technology solutions that enable brands to communicate efficiently with their customers.

“We’re experts in branding signage and are ideally positioned to offer hybrid solutions that blend the best of traditional and digital signage to build a menu,” says Paul Schwantes, digital services manager at The Howard Company.

The Howard Company offers leading-edge drive-thru and curbside pickup systems, digital displays and menu boards, content creation, interior design and decor, and point of purchase merchandising solutions. Its Drive-Thru products—from displays to accessories— are built with reliability, accessibility, and flexibility in mind, providing users with the best experience possible. The Howard Company’s new Drive-Thru system comes with either a backlit light box or 55” digital display, allowing customers to have access to a hybrid menu. It can also be turned fully digital by swapping light boxes for more screens.

While Howard’s solutions are primarily focused on the restaurant industry, the company also offers digital signage solutions for convenience stores, retail stores, banks, and credit unions. Serving as a trusted, one-stop digital signage shop, it can help businesses scale their signage networks without having to manage multiple vendors. As a result, The Howard Company has a substantial following amongst large brands and emerging businesses, who count on them to deploy scalable technologies and minimize efforts in maintaining and supporting their signage network. The company complements its solutions with a wide range of professional services, including content design and management, training, and installation with best practices to provide quality deployments, regardless of network size.
Understanding that each client has different needs, Howard Company manages the content creation through its professionals or in partnership with the client. Its easy-to-use content management system was developed with scalability in mind and can support multiple pricing tiers and frequent changes in limited time offers and other large-scale updates.

“To keep the networks running seamlessly, we deploy a team of technical support experts, who are well-versed in pinpointing issues and troubleshooting them remotely,” says Schwantes. The team has a proven track record of supporting some of the leading brands in the country for over 70 years.

We’re experts in branding signage and are ideally positioned to offer both fully digital and hybrid solutions that blend the best of traditional and digital signage to enhance indoor and outdoor branding

The Howard Company’s business model is built around the notion of customer’s vision, wherein, the company consults with each client to extract, execute, and deliver on that vision pre- and post-sale. In one instance, The Howard Company developed order confirmation software to enhance guest experience in drive-thru, which helped a client accurately move orders and drive greater ROI. The proprietary software integrated with clients’ POS, offering an enhanced experience for restaurant guests, while improving bottom lines by eliminating order mistakes. The Howard Company is now working with multiple brands to implement various voice AI solutions and conduct pilots to achieve the vision of saving headcount in an industry that is struggling to find staff.

Part of The Howard Company’s customer-centricity lies in its technology refresh plan for signage networks. Brands with small marketing teams often fall into a “set it and forget it” mode. To that end, The Howard Company will serve as an extension of their marketing team, analyzing the performance of menu boards, and recommending strategies that will enhance the revenue.

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Paul Schwantes, Digital Services Manager

Our Digital Signage solutions achieve that with Digital Menu boards, dynamic Order Confirmation displays, and promotion and limited offers on displays We were one of the first companies to provide hybrid solutions that mix traditional signage with digital signage to build a menu

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