The KR Group, Inc.: Tailored Solutions for Efficient Business Communication

Matthew Keeler, CEO
With the advancement of technology and the adoption of Internet of Everything (IoE), solutions required to meet business communication purposes are growing exponentially. This leaves the customers with a variety of solutions to choose from. Without appropriate planning and implementation, the solutions deployed might fail to meet the required objectives. “I distinctly believe that alliances need to be forged in order to meet customer goals. Organizations need to partner with each other by bringing in collective experiences and expertise in a way that coalesces cultural differences and positively impacts outcomes,” remarks Matthew Keeler, CEO, The KR Group. The company offers multiple communication services leveraging the Cisco ecosystem; these include Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC), virtualization, disaster recovery, datacenter and managed services.

Cisco’s Collaboration platform and services allow our customers to address business from practically any location, at any time

When it comes to choosing the right communication solution, customers are required to choose from a pool of products under the Cisco environment, which could turn out to be unsuccessful if not optimized accurately. Addressing this limitation, The KR group has rolled out a new offering—a combination of services using cloud and on-premises capabilities. This helps customers navigate through diverse solutions and to implement the most precise strategy. Net-KARE is the company’s answer to the unique needs requested by their customers to monitor and remotely manage the environment. The company holds a Cisco Collaboration Architecture Certificate through which they are able to sell and implement Cisco based solutions like UCC, Data Center and Enterprise Networking.
The platform also offers a business messaging solution using Cisco Spark. Unlike emails, Cisco Spark allows a company and its clients to work transparently with each other. “Cisco’s Collaboration platform and services allow our customers to address business from practically any location, at any time,” explains Keeler.

The Cisco collaboration portfolio also yields the company’s most popular solution—a private cloud. The solution is created with an eco-system of partners which include vendors like Hedrick Associates for Data Center protection. “We have partnered with Cisco Powered Service providers allowing us to use high-tech hardware and services depending on the customer’s need. This allows our customers the ability to leverage operational investments instead of capital investments as it makes more sense,” articulates Keeler. KR Group’s relationship with Cisco helped them acquire the best resources, allowing them to offer services that cover a client’s complete architecture platform, regardless of their infrastructure position.

The KR Group has successfully implemented cloud-based solutions across commercial, healthcare, and educational domains. “The markets we thrive in include multi-state, multinational manufacturing suppliers that have leveraged investments in collaboration, networking and data center services between Cisco and The KR Group,” says Keeler. One company that approached KR Group generated a 23 month ROI by consolidating their multi-site deployment over to a highly robust converged network powered end-to-end by Cisco.

The strategic role that The KR Group holds with many of its customers includes making recommendations that allow clients to meet business objectives regardless of the technological position or its provisioning. The company recently introduced ‘cloud readiness assessments’ to help customers identify their current technological capabilities in order to help implement the most appropriate cloud—private or public. “Our roadmap is to double down on our investment and relationship with Cisco for the foreseeable future,” concludes Keeler.

The KR Group, Inc.

Grand Rapids, MI

Matthew Keeler, CEO

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