The Leets Consortium: Why Successful Leaders Choose Coaching

Anne Leets, Partner
Today’s leaders must achieve results while navigating a challenging, dynamic, highly competitive, and increasingly complex business landscape. Successful leaders who recognize it’s more important than ever to adapt to change, maximize their organizational effectiveness, and expand their leadership capabilities rank “coaching” ahead of any other professional development service. Guided by a professional “coach”, they can enhance their abilitiy to lead change, evolve their leadership presence, improve communication effectiveness, cultivate strategic relationships, and develop high performance teams. Still, as “popular” as coaching has become, leaders are often disappointed and must evaluate a diverse group of “coaching” resources to find the vary narrow segment of qualified “corporate” coaches.

The Leets Consortium (TLC) is a global leader in talent development and leadership coaching. For more than two decades, the firm, founded by Peter Leets, has proudly served their clients worldwide with the high quality work, best practices, talented coaches and successful outcomes they expect combined with the value proposition and personalized service they need. TLC understands the business, challenges, and needs of each leader are unique. They work hard to exceed each client’s expectations by remaining focused on client-specific needs and dedicated to achieving successful, sustainable outcomes.

“We value long-term relationships over transactions, with both clients and coaches, and this approach separates us in today’s competitive leadership development market,” says Anne Leets, Partner at TLC. Anne Leets partners with her husband, Peter, to lead The Leets Consortium. Anne is particularly effective with leaders who want to enhance their strategic thinking, change management, leadership presence, collaboration, influencing and communication skills, organizational effectiveness, and strategic relationships with colleagues and clients. Her rich diversity of experience, working in the executive-level position in many Fortune 500 companies, makes Anne an insightful and innovative business leader, coach, and career strategist.

Why do Fortune 500 companies choose The Leets Consortium? It starts with the successful outcomes that TLC is known for and experience in all industries, every functional area, and all leadership levels.
“Never before have I witnessed such a drastic positive transformation in character and management style as I did when Peter coached our senior IT executive. The proof came not only from my perspective, but from the overwhelming, positive, qualitative responses received from two or three layers under the executive ,” read a testimonial from TLC’s client, Disney.

Our talented coaches represent the best available in each geographic location with credentials including business experience, coaching and assessment certifications, and a history of successful coaching outcomes. “TLC’s 500 coaches—across the globe—have more than a decade of experience building the leadership skills of many senior-level executives. This rich portfolio of coaches shapes our delivery of high-touch coaching experiences that achieve results,” says Anne.

A TLC client calls the company a “white-glove services provider” because of its world-class Client Services team. TLC has a unique and highly effective methodology for attracting the best coaches, achieving successful outcomes, maintaining consistent, high quality service standards tailored to the client, communicating robustly with coaches and clients, and managing the entire coaching process seamlessly.

Each year since they began, TLC has enjoyed the kind of growth that comes from consistent client satisfaction , repeat opportunities from clients to contribute and referrals to new business partners. This measured growth, without a sales team, has been important in maintaining service quality and investing in services that answer global client needs: individual and group leadership coaching, talent development , organizational effectiveness, team building and facilitation, internal coach training and key note speaking. TLC gratefully celebrates their client partnerships by supporting The Free Wheelchair Mission and donates hundreds of wheelchairs each year in honor of their clients.

Can coaching work for you? Perhaps. TLC’s results show that 95 percent of coaching engagements (measured by clients) are successful in achieving developmental objectives when the leader is motivated and committed to learning how to be more effective.

The Leets Consortium

Las Vegas, NV

Anne Leets, Partner

The Leets Consortium (TLC) is a worldwide leader in talent development, leadership coaching, career transition, change management, and culture transformation. Their clients, in a wide variety of business sectors and geographic locations, are supported locally with TLC’s team of talented coaches and consultants. Since its inception, TLC has offered high-quality work, highly effective coaches, best practices, and successful outcomes needed by the client, combined with the global reach, value proposition, and personalized service.TLC provides unique combinations of individual and group coaching, meeting facilitation, training workshops, team building, corporate internal coach training, and keynote speaking

The Leets Consortium