The Marsden Group: Leading Innovation in a Changing Industry

The Marsden Group is a global company passionate about technical innovation. With unique industry experience, the group specializes in cloud-driven business analytics and IoT solutions for the energy sector.

With a wealth of experience ranging from data science, big data analytics, asset integrity, and operational efficiency through to asset sensor design and hardware development, the company undertakes bespoke solutions, proof of concept work and consulting, alongside their own solution offerings.

Working in the energy sector, The Marsden Group is well aware of the changed dynamics in oil and gas over the previous years. This demanding and ever-changing operational environment must now be understood within the context of a challenging financial market. Today, digitalization acts as a key enabler that empowers organizations to develop new opportunities and deliver efficiency and value, and this is where Marsden excel.

Despite the rapid advancement of cloud based technologies, organizations are finding it difficult to gain and effectively action relevant insights from their vast, siloed data stores. “These are the challenges that opened up opportunities for us,” begins Andrew J. Pratt, President of The Marsden Group. Working closely with key oil and gas organizations, The Marsden Group has demonstrated the use of leading edge technology to provide clients with an unprecedented and granular view of the exploration and production lifecycle. This spans everything from supply chain, operations and planning, to logistics and equipment maintenance.

As an example, The Marsden Group’s ‘SupplyIQ’, a system integrated with advanced machine learning and analytics, is an intelligent supply chain optimization engine. It can be plugged directly into current ERP and supply chain systems to achieve the transparency and insight needed for optimization. “One of the main reasons why we have a focus on supply chain is because it strongly holds together the vast end to end operations” notes Pratt. “Where is the value in being able to predict the exact time of an asset failure if you don’t know if you have the parts or people available to fix it before it fails?” SupplyIQ monitors and captures all the data from disparate sources such as maintenance, operation, logistics, and finance systems. It uses machine learning to enable timely recommendations and optimized decision making, particularly in critical areas such as maintenance and supply chain management.

The tool can provide insight and forecasts on stock requirements during operations, such as how much stock is available locally and regionally, how much more to buy, what to purchase when, and from where.

The Marsden Group also focus on remote monitoring, asset integrity, and predictive condition based monitoring for significant offshore and industrial assets. Working together with key partner Seadrill, a leading offshore drilling contractor, they have developed an industry leading asset health monitoring solution where data is streamed and analyzed real-time to enable effective operational and maintenance planning, both offshore and back at base.

One of the main reasons why we focus on supply chain is because it strongly holds together the vast offshore operations

“We chose to partner with The Marsden Group as they had a passion for innovation, and demonstrated a unique ability to rapidly develop and deploy new technology. Importantly, they exhibited the agility to align to and assist in driving our own digital transformation strategy,” says Kaveh Pourteymour, CIO, Seadrill.

The Marsden Group

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Andrew J. Pratt, President

A global technology company specializing in the upstream oil and gas market

The Marsden Group