The Neat Company: Comprehensive Smart Organization Systems to Save Working Time

Evan S. Kramer, CMO
Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, The Neat Company helps the stakeholders in the legal spectrum to save time and work more efficiently through the combination of cloud, mobile, desktop software, and hardware scanning solutions. Evan S. Kramer, Chief Marketing Officer at The Neat Company is a person who knows the importance of time in this fast-paced sector. “Time is precious in the life of a lawyer or an attorney, especially as they are always on the move. Neat’s solutions are designed to help clients in the legal arena save time,” says Kramer.

Neat, a Cloud-based Smart Organization System transforms a lawyer’s workflow by offering solutions to smartly manage and organize their paper and digital information. Neat’s InDocument Identification Technology automatically pulls key data from receipts, business cards, and documents, greatly reducing data entry. The information can then be sent to other applications, reported on, and searched and accessed from anywhere. Neat helps in simplifying everyday tasks, so that those in the legal profession have more time to concentrate on their cases and clients.

“We concentrate on creating solutions for small businesses that adapt several applications to manage their work providing them with a single solution offering many benefits. What is interesting in the legal market is the complex transition from analog to digital. For example, invoices and bills are pouring in from different sources like emails, bank accounts, websites, web pages, and other applications,” says Kramer. Neat converts analog data into digital information by simplifying paper-intensive procedures that enable users to easily systematize, store, locate, secure, and use information.

Neat offers many ways for users to capture and organize their information so that the source doesn’t matter. Whether it’s a physical document, email, or digital invoice, Neat’s scanners, mobile app, and email-in capabilities make it simple to manage.
Neat also offers a Concierge Scanning Service to securely scan the documents.

“Neat’s Smart Organization Software, a critical part of our company’s offerings, has three important elements—capturing information, unlocking the key data, and unleashing the data to where it needs to go,” adds Kramer. The software features an intuitive design that makes it easy for users to identify, extract, organize, and store key information from their paper files. Neat’s cloud service with a robust mobile application lets customers access their Neat accounts from anywhere, even through cameras on their mobile devices to “scan” items on the go.

Neat’s clients range from franchise owners, real estate agents, insurance agents, accountants, contractors, and lawyers to any small office professionals who are moving to cloud applications and platforms to run their businesses. “People are continuously transferring everything to the cloud, be it photographs, emails, evidence, files or other important documents. This massive amount of information gets stored without proper segregation. Our technology helps them organize their business documentation and assist them to find important data with just one click, allowing them to add, or access it from anywhere. This is extremely applicable for lawyers who have to keep their documents handy at all times, as they do not know when the clients want to discuss a case,” explains Kramer.

Neat conducts thorough research on the legal industry to craft their solutions to address the main concerns of generating revenue and saving time. The company’s turnkey solution provides an answer to these concerns alongside empowering clients with important legal documents. For the road ahead, Neat wants to expand globally to more verticals with multi-users, extending their parsing capabilities on a B2B level. “We are looking forward to changing the small business scene into a sector full of opportunities.” concludes Kramer.

The Neat Company

Philadelphia, PA

Evan S. Kramer, CMO

Provides combination of cloud and hardware scanning solutions to create a comprehensive Smart Organization System.