The Nielsen Company [NYSE: NLSN]: Comprehensive Consumer Insights for Faster Decisions

Mitch Barns, CEO
Consumers today hop from in-store to online—and sometimes back again as they browse and buy. For manufacturers and retailers across the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, understanding this ‘total consumer’—no matter where they shop—is an essential part of the success equation. “At Neilson, we provide our clients with a clear and complete understanding of consumers and the markets in which they operate,” Mitch Barns, CEO of Nielson. “We also believe that providing our clients a precise understanding of the consumer is the key to making the right decisions that can lead to profitable growth.”

Nielsen’s Total Consumer measurement solution provides the CPG industry a comprehensive view of the performance management—what is happening across the entire shopper journey by measuring consumers’ in-store, online and out-of-home purchases. By integrating information from its ‘Watch and Buy’ segments and other data sources, Nielsen provides its clients with both measurement as well as analytics that help clients improve their performance.

Moreover, in today’s digital era, many companies are plagued by mountains of data, data silos and disparate data sources. Nielson’s Connected Partner Program—a managed marketplace of partners within an open ecosystem, helps (CPG) clients to discover new partners while utilizing the most robust retail and shopper data in the world. The data shared with partners stay within Nielsen’s well-defined, data releasability rules. With Nielsen’s data as the common language, the Nielsen Connected Partner Program will bring consistency to the marketplace. The program will help clients shift from data management and alignment to systematic, data-driven decision making.

In addition, for CPG manufacturers, the innovation process is under pressure. Nielsen launched Concept Quick Predict marks a new milestone for fast innovation tools— without sacrificing the predictive reliability and data quality that is crucial for making effective decision making. Since, Concept Quick Predict is enabled by Nielsen’s online collaboration platform— Innovation Studio, CPG marketers gain faster predictive analytics, combined with software that helps innovation teams develop better ideas and work more effectively together.

At Neilson, we provide our clients with a clear and complete understanding of consumers and the markets in which they operate

The firm also offers CPG clients with an optimized set of marketing programs and applications to drive performance across the sales process. The firm’s, marketing mix modeling (MMM) provides the most granular statistical analyses available to understand past trends and predict the future effect of marketing tactics on sales.

Since inception, the firm has expanded into a global enterprise serving thousands of CPG clients in more than 100 countries. In one instance, a leading manufacturer wanted to maintain and advance their position in the CPG space and required models built to provide insight into how to optimize its marketing spend for both B2C and B2B sales channels. Leveraging Nielsen’s Marketing Planner the client was able to run unlimited what-if scenarios and create optimized spending plans on-demand. With Neilson’s MMM the client gained double-digit growth in ROI with a 20 percent decrease in marketing spends.

Neilson’s differentiator lies in its ability to drive enterprise-class applications for supporting full spectrum of revenue management for the CPG industries. For Neilson and its team helping customers to understand the impact of the changing environment has always been the key focus and they continue to do the same in the future. “As we look ahead, we remain focused on providing our clients with the solutions they need for Total Audience Measurement and second, guiding the industry towards adoption of a new metric that captures more of the viewing in the rapidly fragmenting media world in which we operate,” concludes Barns.

The Nielsen Company

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Mitch Barns, CEO

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