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Garrow Wessendorff, President and CEO Oil and gas operators are increasingly tapping into advanced technologies to streamline the process of drilling deeper and more challenging wells. These technologies, including more efficient and effective drilling fluids, play a key role in helping rig operators maximize recovery and minimize the amount of time it takes to achieve production.

However, drilling fluids, along with the accumulated cuttings require tedious disposal and remediation mechanisms that are compliant and environmentally sound.

Usually, oil and gas operators and drilling fluid engineers rely on multiple service providers for mud management, which includes a number of elements, from transportation to quality control to waste disposal. This adds to their administrative burden and impacts their bottom line.

With a one-stop drilling fluid management expert like Panther Companies, operators can leave their administrative hassles behind and focus on drilling successful wells.

Panther combines drilling fluids and engineering expertise, along with solids control equipment, haul off and disposal services to provide a complete fluid management system. The company also delivers remote-monitored security services for well sites with a fully staffed command center.

“We focus mainly on the upstream piece of the oil and gas industry. Our fluid programs, complemented by the haul off and disposal services, are designed to help operators drill better wells on budget and on time while ensuring safety, compliance, and environmental protection,” says Garrow Wessendorff, President and CEO of The Panther Companies.

Fluid Systems Designed for Unique Drilling Programs

The Panther Companies specializes in configuring complex fluids systems for all well types and combining the many fluids-related systems under a single management program, reducing non-productive time, boosting overall drilling efficiency, and improving the operator’s bottom line.

To help operators drill and begin producing quickly and effectively, Panther focuses on custom drilling fluid systems, including water-based and non-aqueous drilling fluid systems. These fluids transport drill cuttings out of the hole, help manage downhole pressures and temperatures, while protecting and lubricating the expensive drill string and bit.
The team helps operators maintain compliance with governmental regulations and avoid the risk of environmental contamination. To this end, Panther manages the logistics of transporting drilling fluids and solids from the wellsite to licensed disposal facilities, ensuring safety and reliability, and reducing liability for operators.

When it comes to haul-off and disposal, Panther draws on its longstanding relationships with trucking companies to ensure the timely removal of solid and liquid wastes. Amid a growing shortage of trucks and the increasing complexity of logistics, Panther’s cordial partnerships with service providers prove to be highly beneficial for customers. They can invest their time in drilling operations rather than coordinating trucking movements at the wellsite.

“Our High-Definition Cellular And Satellite-Enabled Security Cameras Ensure Round-The-Clock Protection From Trespassers And Unauthorized Vehicles. By Using Security Services Through Our Proprietary App And Portable Gate, Operators Are Provided With A Realtime Log Of All Personnel Entering And Leaving The Rig Site”

Apart from mud management and disposal services, Panther provides clients with an array of rental equipment to ensure that they have access to everything they need to keep operations moving. From tanks, pressure washers, and screen washers to mud vacuum systems Panther delivers it all.

Robust Remote Monitoring for Complete Security

Panther’s comprehensive range of services includes on-site monitoring of remote well sites to help operators keep tabs on vehicles and drilling staff entering and leaving the premises.

“Security at wellsites has historically been limited to employing personnel working 10- to 12-hour shifts, spent logging people in and out. Our high-definition cellular and satellite-enabled security cameras ensure round-the-clock protection from trespassers and unauthorized vehicles,” says Wessendorff. “By using security services through our proprietary app and portable gate, operators are provided with a realtime log of all personnel entering and leaving the wellsite.”

With Panther’s virtual gate guard solution, operators no longer need to deploy the standard gate guard set up and the supporting equipment, such as generators, light towers, portable washrooms, and water tanks. Panther’s solar powered security system not only offers better security and reduces operators’ costs but also supports their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives by reducing fuel burn and water use, and eliminating multiple support and logistical activities.

Panther combines all services into a package so that customers do not have to deal with multiple vendors, invoices, and service agreements. They can rely on a single service provider to manage all aspects, streamline their operations, and maximize profits.

A Nimble Approach Blended with Decades of Experience

The first step toward tailoring a package is the discovery phase, where Panther professionals meet customers to understand their goals. The team also discusses any issues the customer faced with their previous service providers, the characteristics of the wells they are going to drill, the geological formations, and other relevant details needed to curate a mud program specific to the client.

The Panther team leverages their extensive know-how to offer recommendations on the characteristics of the mud and the mud program so that operators can begin producing faster and reduce costs.
What makes Panther the preferred service provider for many clients is its ability to combine over 200 years of team experience with the alacrity to serve customers in a nimble way. Customers can tap into the vast industry knowledge of Panther experts while receiving meticulous attention in a boutique fashion, which can only be delivered by smaller companies.

When customers encounter an issue, they can reach out to the owners of Panther for a quick resolution. There are no complex hierarchical structures within the organization, which makes for personalized care and faster decision-making.

We Focus Mainly On The Upstream Piece Of The Oil And Gas Industry. Our Fluid Programs, Complemented By The Haul Off And Disposal Services, Are Designed To Help Operators Drill Better Wells On Budget And On Time While Ensuring Safety, Compliance, And Environmental Protection

Scripting Success Stories with Enduring Supplier Relationships

Panther’s success over the years can be attributed to its strong supplier relationships that have stood the test of time. By treating suppliers with respect and integrity, Panther has been able to facilitate continued growth and help clients even during the pandemic, when most drilling fluid companies failed to deliver services on time.

In one instance, a customer solicited Panther’s services when they were unable to reach their existing service provider during the February 2021 freeze in Texas. The client’s previous service provider (a much larger organization) couldn’t get the required equipment and products to the customer’s location on time because of the strained relationship with their trucking partners.

Since Panther has always maintained solid relationships with its suppliers and partners, meeting the client’s needs on time was business as usual. Panther promptly delivered the products the customer needed and coordinated with its trucking partners to transport them to the rig. The customer was able to continue their drilling operations and had access to the drilling fluids they needed at the well site.

This is but one instance where Panther came to the rescue of customers in need. The company has been instrumental in driving the success of many customers over the years with the help of an incredible team at the helm. The Panther team equips customers with the best solutions and is dedicated to handling any issue faced by clients, suppliers, and partners.

For Panther, success boils down to one key factor––delivering a customer experience that is hard to beat, even by the bigger service providers in the industry. By providing a superior experience and serving clients in the best way possible, Panther has earned its position on the 2022 Inc. 5000 list. The company aims to add more service lines and new solutions to ensure that customers have everything they need, wherever and whenever they need to drill successful wells.

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Garrow Wessendorff, President and CEO

Panther combines drilling fluids and engineering expertise, along with solids control equipment, haul off and disposal services to provide a complete fluid management system. The company also delivers remote-monitored security services for well sites with a fully staffed command center

The Panther Companies