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CIO VendorVijay Garg, Founder and CEO
“How do I solve this problem?” is the question. Enterprises of today are knowledgeable of their business challenges, but are Ill-informed to solve them effectively. Narrowing down to the tool that is best suited to address their issues and Implementing it is a task best done by joining hands with industry experts. Spearheaded by SAP veteran Vijay Garg, Founder And CEO, The Principal Consulting’s skilled team of solution advisors and projectmanagers, quickly identify the problem, Suggest the right solution and effectively implement it, resulting in a positiveROI in a short time frame. The firm is Solely focused on helping businesses achieve their objectives seamlessly by implementing SAP projects including CRM Cloud and On-Premise, BI, HANA, FIORI and Mobility.

Since its inception in 2004, TPC has been continuously refining its services and expertise so as to better align with SAP’s Latest products and innovations. They implement, configure and enhance SAP software for enterprises on a global scale. Their Impressive range of services includes SAP mobile application development, SAP HANA implementations and more— offering Enhanced user productivity and personalization for customers. Recently, the company launched the SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) solution to help organizations orient themselves more towards customers and realize more value.

During their engagements with clients, TPC’s client relationship team works along with solution advisors to get a better Understanding of the requirements. Subsequently, based on the need,

Our growth model is built around delivering ‘Project Success"

they provide demonstrations and knowledge sessions of Different solutions to identify the most appropriate solution.

In the next phase their project manager works with customers And helps execute the project successfully. During this process, the solution advisor continuously monitors the progress and Even after Go-Live, TPC works with customers to ensure usability and adoption of the solution for end-users.

“Our business grows on the successful customer reference. Our growth model is built around delivering ‘Project Success’,” Says Garg. To ensure they always provide deep solution expertise to its customers and stay ahead of the pack, Garg surrounds Himself with experienced project architects and developers from SAP Labs. Making their association valuable to clients is tPC’s dedication to continuously train resources and encourage them to practice their skills, while keeping them up to speed with the latest SAP technologies. They have an excellent track record of working with business to deliver highly usable solutions; their services are being utilized by the likes of General Mills, Honeywell, Lubrizol, Kohler and more.

Forest Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company, had a large number of territories being constantly re-aligned, without impacting existing operational processes, and the technical limitations of SAP Territory Management were failing to help the cause. TPC designed an IQ-Blocker (Intelligent Queue Blocker) concept with eight utility programs, making it possible to load all new territories on time, void of any complications and data loss. They performed a large scale CRM upgrade 7.0 and a major reorganization of the existing structure without any downtime for the sales force.

In the coming years, the firm is determined to evolve the brand TPC, as Expert SAP Consulting Service. They intend to expand their business to markets beyond the U.S. Furthermore, they have also setup a Solution Innovation team that is focused on building various solutions complementing SAP delivered products and solutions.

The Principal Consulting

Vijay Garg, Founder and CEO

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