The Private Sector Group, LLC.: Helping Businesses Cross Broken Bridges

Jonathan Luzader, CEO
The military’s modus operandi is similar to the Agile software delivery world, plan and execute missions and debrief the command, make adjustments, and then plan and run the next mission. When troops are on a mission and encounter a roadblock, like a broken bridge, they don’t abandon the task; instead, they improvise. More often than not, commercial organizations forget this simple rule of adapting to changes to stay on track and be truly agile.

A certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), The Private Sector Group, LLC., (PSG) applies the military logic of its founder and offers a customized Agile recipe for its clients that ensures the customer’s transformation goals align with their delivery objectives.

PSG is an IT consulting firm bringing scaled Agile solutions to commercial and federal clients. “We listen to our clients about their goals, challenges, recipe book of Agile, and help them understand the processes that will help and the ones that will not,” says Jonathan Luzader, CEO, PSG. “From an integral approach, we understand the system our clients want to change is a combination of technology, humans, and outside influences.” The company helps its clients implement and manage large-scale Agile transformations.

Instead of adopting the strict perspective of being ‘truly Agile’, PSG develops Agile programs for its clients based on their short, medium, and long-term plans that work to instill the fundamentals of agile and scaled agile transformation. PSG uses a ‘sense and respond’ type of approach along with other coaching techniques to understand our customer’s systems and the environment in which they operate. It focuses on the client’s goals, challenges they faced in their journey, the Agile recipe book they followed (if any), and devises a transformation plan. For the technical aspect, it has software engineers who specialize in CI/CD pipelines and DevSecOps to help clients automate the deployment processes.
Instead of producing subpar products faster, the team at PSG knows what the checks and balances should be to deliver quality software with a highly experienced cadre of quality assurance professionals on staff to back that up.

We listen to our clients about their goals, challenges, recipe book of agile, and help them understand the processes that are going to be helpful and the ones that will not

In its endeavor to help clients achieve successful business outcomes, PSG often unearths swaths of previously unknown information to the client. One instance was when PSG helped an enterprise customer meet their go-live commitments. At the time, the customer had considerable reticence to deploy due to the levels of orchestration & collaboration necessary to coordinate the release of software to hundreds of users across multiple customer domains during COVID-19. PSG was able to step in and organize a ‘Big Room Planning’ event, similar to the military’s Rehearsal of Concept drill, that allowed senior leadership and all contributing teams to visually depict all go-live activities, outcomes and dependencies and ensure that all stakeholders were on the same page. The coordination of this event lead to the discovery of key missing pieces of the solution that would have potentially impacted a go-live or would have ensured a post-go-live rollback. There was zero room for error.

Through its work, PSG enabled the organization to transparently uncover facts the organization didn’t know prior, which helped the client adjust their overall approach to successfully deploying software at scale within the timeframes our customers were constrained to deliver.

If your organization has a few bridges to cross, PSG can help you get there.

The Private Sector Group, LLC.

Washington, DC

Jonathan Luzader, CEO

The Private Sector Group is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) IT consulting firm that serves both commercial and federal clients. The company specializes in bringing scaled agile solutions to the enterprise that give clients an unrivaled competitive advantage.

The Private Sector Group, LLC.