The Solutions Team: Ensuring Data Reliability during Disaster

Todd Gooden, CEO & Founder
System outages and downtime through hardware failure or software corruption have become one of the practical realities that the organizations have to face in today’s digital realm. With an increased dependency on critical data, amidst the looming risk of data loss, the market demand for strong backup systems within enterprises has skyrocketed in the past few years. However, not all enterprises comprehend the true virtue of reliable backup systems, which is not just confined to data backup or storage but also extends to data restoration in a reasonable time. The market is replete with back up providers that are primarily focused on providing customers with a data backup service within their data centers.

The Mississippi-based The Solutions Team, on the other hand, takes this ability a step forward by empowering its customers with essential hardware and solutions to enable the restoration of the lost data in a minimal time frame. Todd Gooden, founder and CEO of The Solutions Team says, “Our core value is not just in providing reliable data storage for our clients but in our ability to get our clients up and running as quickly as possible.”

Started as a systems integration firm, the cornerstone of The Solutions Team was laid after the most massive natural disasters witnessed by the state of Mississippi—Hurricane Katrina. A majority of the businesses in the region were hit by severe data loss, which made getting back to normalcy a tremendous struggle. The company developed a robust backup system that would offer a reliable protection of critical data. With this protection in place, future disaster struck organizations could regain their prominence immediately.

Gooden, with a decade-long experience in the backup space, observed that a lot of organizations seldom identify their critical data and back it up before disaster strikes. The critical data may constitute an ERP system, an EMR, or an accounting system that is deemed vital for an organization. “We recognized this challenge early on, and we encourage our customers to perform a restore test annually, to determine their critical data and ensure that it’s successfully backed up and can be restored quickly, whenever needed,” points out Gooden.

Our core value is not just in providing reliable data storage for our clients but in our ability to get clients up and running as quickly as possible

Today, extending beyond backup solutions and devices, The Solutions Team specializes in providing systems integration, maintenance services, and offers IT as a utility to its customers. “We also follow a very controlled policy where our customers only pay us for the solutions they receive, unlike traditional providers who charge their customers hourly for their services,” adds Gooden.

The company primarily caters to a vast clientele in healthcare practices, covering around 300 practices across 37 states. As a record of the company’s dexterity in the space, Gooden cites a case study of one of their clients in the healthcare arena whose EMR system was running on a local server, and they utilized The Solutions Team’s backup system. The client’s facility was flooded, and as a result, their server was severely damaged compromising their EMR system. The Solutions Team came to their rescue by restoring their records to their cloud system and had the healthcare practice up and running within hours. “With any other traditional system, it would have taken weeks to mitigate a challenge such as this,” remarks Gooden.

With countless success stories of satisfied customers in the healthcare space, The Solutions Team now plans to expand to additional domains such as legal, dental, and finance. The company has plotted a robust roadmap for 2019 with some new projects and products in the pipeline. “Given that some organizations don’t have adequate hardware for successfully backing up their data, we are planning for a solution where we can provide the appropriate equipment for our customers as a part of the service,” concludes Gooden.

The Solutions Team

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Todd Gooden, CEO & Founder

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