The Structure Group: Managing Global Commodity Risk and Transforming Distribution Operations We begi

Lelon Winstead, Managing Partner
It is no secret that business transformations are affecting the growth of many industries and the utilities space is no exception. In general, business models in utilities and energy companies are showing signs of stress and CIOs are forced to do more with less. Many CIOs are even facing the issues of dealing with replacement technologies that are the foundation of their core business and this is not helping their cause. “Current solutions are at the end of their life cycle and custom solutions are difficult to maintain,” affirms one of the top CIOs in the industry. By providing market- leading advisory and systems integration consultancy that help CIOs to identify and integrate standardized vendor products into their business systems and processes, Structure is bridging this gap.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Structure provides deep energy and utility domain expertise delivered using proven consulting methods across a full range of disciplines—from business advisory to systems implementation services. The company works with hundreds of organizations at all stages of the energy value chain to achieve superior performance in areas that are of critical importance to their businesses. This includes Commodity Trading and Risk Management, Distribution Transformation, Energy Management and Control, Renewables Integration, as well as Regional Wholesale and Retail Competitive Market Development and Participation.“We have deep expertise in implementing, configuring and integrating the leading vendor products in the utilities domains. In addition, we have positioned ourselves strategically as an independent advisory firm ‘free from any vendor allegiances’ in order to provide our clients with an independent, unbiased view,” reveals Lelon Winstead, Managing Partner, Structure.

The company takes a holistic approach to cater to the unique needs of the “We begin with the end in mind and know that processes design is more than documentation,” notes Winstead.clients.
“Using our proven Business Process methodology and best practices, we not only streamline department interaction but highlight gaps in the process and technology that need to be addressed to optimize the entire process,” he explains. This systematic approach is applied in a way that allows analysis and design of as-is and to-be processes for continual improvement. Additionally, controls and performance indicators for measurable objectives are defined, which is an added bonus.

We begin with the end in mind and know that processes design is more than documentation

Structure has a unique competitive advantage based on their exclusive energy- industry focus. Leveraging this focus, the company has captured and integrated lessons learned from engagements across the industry for over a decade. Structure’s clients include both North American and international utilities and energy companies across the entire energy value chain—generation and energy production, transmission and commodity logistics, market and system operations, distribution, and retail supply. Over the last 16 years, Structure has played a leading role in the design, launch and evolution of every North American ISO/ RTO organization and has assisted over 150 market participants with readiness and capability delivery programs to participate in these dynamic and complex new markets.

“While our energy consulting firm has achieved great success, we wouldn’t like to lose sight of our humble beginnings,” asserts Winstead. Hence moving forward, the company aims to nurture their small company feel, where they can celebrate successes together, even as Structure quickly grows to meet energy and utility industry demand and capatalize on new opportunities.

The Structure Group

Houston, TX

Lelon Winstead, Managing Partner

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