The TAS Group: Providing Visibility to Sales Management

Donal Daly, CEO
Many of the sales performance management tools offered in the market today come with little or no insights. With little sales expertise applied to the data,these are not the solutions CSOs should be looking for.

Coming to the aid of such companies is The TAS Group. Based in Seattle, Washington they help progressive sales organizations grow revenue.

Insight apps: Smart, Context-Aware, Knowledge-Based

Under the leadership of Donal Daly, CEO, the TAS Group entered this market to raise the standards of solutions being delivered. And it appears to be working extremely well.

According to the Aberdeen Group, customers of The TAS Group realize 21% greater quota attainment. Why? Daly says it is the unique combination of smart software and deep sales methodology that his company provides. Informed by 1,000,000 TAS users, the Dealmaker® smart software platform is the engine driving revenue for customers of the TAS Group.

With the only sales effectiveness software and methodology global R&D center, the TAS Group’s sales methodology and sales insight apps are smart, context aware, and knowledge based. Customers include global leaders like, HP, Concur,, Akamai and others.

When speaking with Daly it is clear that The TAS Group is disrupting the sales training industry, and in a very positive way. Sales people all over the globe are using TAS to increase win rate, grow average deal sizes and shorten sales cycles.

Sales people all over the globe are using TAS to increase win rate, grow average deal sizes and shorten sales cycles

The TAS methodology formed the blueprint for the intelligent Dealmaker product. Now augmented by smart sales process enablement, automated coaching, collaborative insight maps and social selling, Dealmaker is taking the guesswork out of sales, coaching sales reps to win more deals, and providing visibility to (that often-underserved constituency) sales management.

In 2013 the TAS Group introduced major enhancements to all of it core programs to make it easier for customers to adopt, learn, apply and sustain. These enhancements included Express Learning Solutions including eBooks, Video, Quickstart Guides and automated coaching and guidance built into the supporting smart software application. Now Dealmaker, with the baked in sales methodology, is available on mobile phones and tablets as well as PCs so sales people can be effective wherever they are.

The TAS Group was one of just a few Charter Salesforce1 Sales Cloud partners announced by Salesforce at Dreamforce 2013. Unlike other methodology integrations, Dealmaker is native on the Salesforce Platform, providing their customers with the same security, reliability, performance and scalability that they get with – so you don't have to worry about a 3rd party cloud.

The TAS Group

Seattle, WA

Donal Daly, CEO

A provider of Dealmaker intelligent software which helps B2B companies increase their sales velocity, resulting in higher win rates, bigger deals, shorter sales cycles, and more qualified deals in the pipeline.