The Trade Desk: Powering Buyers in Advertising Technology

Jeff Green, CEO
Jeff Green isn’t afraid to try something new. As CEO of The Trade Desk, Inc., a global demand side platform in advertising, he pushes boundaries daily to disrupt a sometimes cherished status quo. “Advertising has been run a certain way for generations,” he says. “The days of faxing over an insertion order aren’t fully behind us yet. We’ve got to evolve.” For Green, that meant departing Microsoft in 2009, only two years after he had sold the very first online ad exchange, AdECN, to forge new opportunities in a growing market. As he looks at what’s next, the company’s video offering is a signal of where he’s placing bets.“Video is the future, and that’s why we’re fully integrated as a company and technology. The linear television and digital viewing worlds are colliding– and we ensure that our clients are reaching customers as effectively and efficiently as possible,” says Jeff Green, CEO of The Trade Desk. Powering the most sophisticated buyers in advertising technology,

Sophisticated audience targeting empowers advertisers to connect with their target in the most effective way. “We understand the importance of TV metrics and the ways in which agencies have created branding strategies in the past. With our platform, we’re allowing these metrics to be meshed with the efficiency and success of real-time bidding,” adds Green. The Trade Desk is unique in the RTB space because it offers video alongside traditional ‘banner’ display campaigns. Media agencies can leverage on this platform to buy online advertising inventory on a 1:1 impression basis, thousands of impressions at a time across multiple websites in any given campaign. Buyers on The Trade Desk platform run video, social, mobile and traditional display campaigns all under a consolidated reporting platform. Programmatic buying performs strongly across varied industry segments and as well as in performance and branding campaigns.

"The Trade Desk’s demand-side platform offers agencies, aggregators, and their advertisers’ technology to manage display, social, and video advertising campaigns"

The Trade Desk powers trading desks and agencies at the major international holding companies as well as independent buyers and agencies worldwide.

The approach to best practices is done in close partnership with client experts. For example, in the automotive sector, the company’s client Goodway Group knew their auto clients faced an audience with an extended purchase consideration phase. The challenge for their advertiser was to target an auto intender and shepherd the whole decision making team down the funnel. Household Extension retargets a user and then expands to include their circle of influence by reaching everyone who shares the same IP address. COO, Jay Friedman says, “By including all parties in the consideration phase, we’re truly taking a ‘user first’ approach, and we’re seeing significant lifts in engagement.” In the near future, The Trade Desk is pushing for its partners, clients, and peers in programmatic advertising to develop a forward market where inventory can be bought on an upfront, forward-looking basis, with attached guarantees. By achieving guarantees in buying, The Trade Desk and its partners are set to open up incremental demand for programmatic buying.

The Trade Desk

Ventura, CA

Jeff Green, CEO

Offers agencies, aggregators, and their advertisers a demand-side platform to manage display, social, and video advertising campaigns.

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