The unbelievable Machine Company GmbH: Agility and Innovation through Cloud Computing

Ravin Mehta, CEO
Cloud computing has evolved from mainframe computing to an accepted operating model over the years. Main frame offered a centralized management and was expensive; making it difficult for SMEs to afford. In order to provide an ideal solution for both large and small companies, a German- pioneer, The unbelievable Machine Company GmbH provides modern cloud computing and traditional hosting services thatmeet the increasing computing requirement of businesses today.

To become competitive in anabsolutely price leadership drivencloud computing market, The unbelievable Machine CompanyGmbH has taken the approach from a different angle—by following a customer-centric methodology. “Having a management team with long international consulting background, it was clear that following a customer-centric approach would give us an advantage over our competitive landscape,” explains Ravin Mehta, CEO, The unbelievable Machine Company GmbH. The company is partnered with HP ontheCloudAgileprogramtobuild its cloud services business in a targeted manner. The CloudAgile program from HP is specifically aimed at service providers in IT, hosting, and telecommunications. This program will enable the company to make the most of HP’s expertise in the form of special hosting services and training sessions.

The unbelievable Machine CompanyGmbH implements and manages scalable, high performance cloud environments for the operators of high-traffic portals and shops.The company’s innovative cloud service offerings include *umCloud—a cloud service center where cloud meets traditional hosting services. *umCloudhas~1000sqm space in several EU Tier IV data center and can be combined with traditional managed hosting methods and also be customized to meet customer compliance rules, IT-audit requirements, and individual security guidelines. The service encompasses individualization and extension of the cloud using dedicated components like servers, firewalls,load balancer and back up, along with integration of legacy systems.
By supporting the entire internet technology stack,including latest technologies like Hadoop, Splunk, mongodbor puppet, the company also supplements its cloud service with 24x7 managed service and application management support.

The company also runs a Hadoop-as-a-service platform called *umDMR, on top of the cloud that is leveraged by customers to model business cases and to test things even before they plan capacity, functionality, and operating models for the production environments.

Offering a broad range of services with cloud and Big Data,The unbelievable Machine CompanyGmbH has helped its customers run range of projects take a “run my platform,” “run my hadoop cluster,” “automate my processes with puppet” and “can I outsource my whole platform hosting/ application management/analytics” approaches. The company’s mission is to help clients disrupt their industries with innovative technology. The broad arena of clients that the company serves includes Berlin Partner,, Deutsche Welle, Deutsche Post Direkt, Dooyoo, Nokia ortravel retailers Gebr. Heinemann.

The unbelievable Machine Company GmbH complements its service suite witha rangeof professional service offerings—a competent consultancy service that focuses on one-off projects, ongoing on-site support or complete outsourcing. This service also involves drafting ideas or project planning for data centers and cloud projects, TCO and ROI analyses, in addition to analyses of existing environments for availability, performance and security.

Going forward, “we’re looking into more international clients, projects and locations, since we have just opened an office in Vienna, Austria with the idea to build a second production office. But this will be based on economic reasonability, not on strategic expansion plans.” says Mehta. The company also plans to significantly expand the range of public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

The unbelievable Machine Company GmbH

Berlin, Germany

Ravin Mehta, CEO

A provider of modern cloud computing, traditional hosting, big data/data science services, and internet application development to meet the increasing computing requirement of businesses today