The Vanbex Group: Leading Blockchain Technology With Innovation and Creativity

One auspicious night in 2013, Lisa Cheng, who had been tasked with developing accounts for both small and large enterprises, was browsing the web about the intriguing topic of darknet when the idea of a blockchain communications firm was birthed. Her subsequent research on iceberg architecture would lead to the foundation of her own firm, The Vanbex Group. “While browsing, I realized that the common currency that various users were leveraging was Bitcoin, which I thought was a beautiful concept since everyone relied on computer code to transfer money,” she mentions. This piqued her interest to leverage blockchain technology itself and create products that would augment a robust and engaged developer community. With an aim to deliver a tailored approach in consulting, communications, and development for blockchain businesses, Lisa established The Vanbex Group as a strategic communications organization. The company quickly evolved into a professional services firm that specializes in the blockchain industry.

With blockchain innovations multiplying across various sectors, demand for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is likewise growing rapidly. Tapping into this potential, Vanbex combines deep business insight with a keen understanding of how blockchain technology can impact existing business infrastructure and operations. Lisa endeavors to bring blockchain awareness and technology to new industries and to attract a new generation of individual users.

The firm has established two other Blockchain companies: Genisys and Etherparty. Lisa defines Genisys as the answer to using blockchain as a network for global transfers. Through Genisys, the firm creates a distributed ledger for private ecosystems that share information in a secure fashion. The second product, Etherparty, is a user-friendly platform for the creation, use, and management of smart contracts. The product unleashes the speed, cost savings, and security benefits of smart contracts for individuals and businesses.
Etherparty makes otherwise-complicated contractual agreements and processes simple and accessible, while provisioning infrastructure for authentication and automation.

Our product allows anyone who is interested in the technology to launch their own type of blockchain smart contracts

Since its inception, The Vanbex Group has been offering blockchain developer services while helping launch virtual currency businesses by building the core elements of any successful client strategy. As Lisa mentions, these include building “a compelling product use case, a clear demonstration of the technology, and a robust and engaged community.” The firm is further collaborating with finance and legal resources to understand the various business, workflow, and regulatory challenges. Observing current market traction, the team aims to expand operations into Europe and Asia in the coming months. They also have plans to establish a new company, Vanbex Ventures, which will be a fund-based model and help blockchain companies with pre-finance capital. By leveraging the services that we traditionally offer with Vanbex Group, Lisa mentions, those companies can get off the ground. Such services and deliverables include white papers, contract and software development, product modelling, and of course, a communication strategy.

Vanbex Group has grown from that one evening in 2013 into a fast growing Blockchain technology communications firm. The future is bright for this unique company.

The Vanbex Group

Vancouver, Canada

Lisa Cheng, Founder and Head of R&D

The firm specializes in consulting, communications, and development for block chain businesses

The Vanbex Group