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Michael McNulty, Director
For decades, the casino industry has been working to provide a rich experience to attract consumer patronage and to optimize entertainment spend at the same time. Casino gaming is unique in offering a one-stop destination that provides multiple entertainment options, including gaming, restaurants, clubs, shows, concerts, while at the same time capturing an in-depth knowledge on its individual customer’s preferences and characteristics. This is made possible as, “Most gaming consumers, today, are opting-in to have their activities tracked granularly, in real-time, through player club memberships,” says Michael McNulty, Director, William Ryan Group (WRG). With this, a challenge has evolved for CIOs to increase the capacity for the real-time data accessibility and the information mobility required to leverage this consumer insight across a multi-channel landscape. “Through our Real Time Action™ (RTA) platform, CIOs can have a standard API approach for integrating legacy system data and functionality, and a standard mobile platform to empower front line employee’s with the customer knowledge to deliver targeted personalized interactions,” says McNulty. WRG rules-based system provides the on-the-fly knowledge of a property’s customers and employee’s activities, in real time, to drive customer experience, trip frequency, spend, and employee utilization.

From the moment a customer steps in a casino, the RTA platform begins recognizing the customer and keeping tabs on their activities as they engage within the environment. RTA then accumulates and processes the data of the customer, highlights their preferences, and thus, builds a stage for optimized employee-customer interactions. Knowing and delivering what customer’s desire is a critical competitive advantage. “Rather than reacting to situations that have already occurred, Real Time Action™ solutions allow our clients to identify and decide how they will prioritize and manage customer engagement opportunities before they have occurred,” adds McNulty. Every employer and customer interaction is carefully managed against the service standards client management has defined.

Every state of every customer interaction are monitored and correlated on the fly with the specific customer, product, and employee’s profile information. “Managers know where every employee is, where they have been, and how their customers are being serviced, or waiting to be serviced,” says McNulty.

Clients use RTA service management systems to differentiate their brand, and optimize customer satisfaction and word of mouth to drive patronage and spend

He further adds, “All alert response actions are captured, allowing for continuous analysis and identification of RTA system improvement opportunities."RTA is compatible across any mobile platform and device, which makes it unique in the competitive arena. This platform is also known for its open system standard that supports seamless integration of multiple systems. Next differentiating factor in the line is its configurable rules-based platform, which allows greater customization for each client implementation within a standard support structure.

Learning of its capabilities, a major gaming company deployed RTA to enhance their strategy of delivering a quality experience for all its customers, while at the same time, delivering prioritized differentiated service for high worth customers. “They were able to quantify the value of consistently delivering these service standards to increased customer patronage and spend over the short and long term customer relationship,” says McNulty. RTA’s mobile knowledge service solution drove front line employee utilization by 40 percent, mid-level manager utilization by 50 percent, and provided a 6 month ROI with a 300 percent ROI from year two onward.

Stepping into the future, WRG will be seen evolving their dynamic Real Time Action™ solution, as the company will leverage continued RTA mobile knowledge management implementations for unearthing opportunities to transform casino operations. WRG has also begun to dazzle the retail industry. “RTA will allow retail customers to “opt-in” to the delivery of specific targeted, personalized offers they value, which can be fed directly to the consumers and employee’s mobile device to support richer interactions,” concludes McNulty.

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Michael McNulty, Director

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