Empowering the IT Environment with Virtualization

Dawn Beutjer, Sr. Project Engineer
Back in the day when Microsoft announced the end to Small Business Server, small companies stood in a fix, frustrated with having to make more technology decisions while implementing, maintaining systems, and learning best practice. With the scenario changing at the speed of light, the gap between one person wearing multiple hats and needing an IT expert has been expanding along with the need for solutions that would last for more than three years and would grow with the company, without being a constant source of concern. This market gap rolled out an opportunity that perfectly suited the goals of IL-based to offer always-on, always up-to-date, secure, and access-anywhere solution, in a cost-effective fashion. The firm stands a step ahead in the landscape with a vision to enable small and mid-market companies to utilize the same IT services and expertise that Fortune 500 companies do, without the hassle, internal overhead, and most importantly the cost. opened its doors in 2007 with an intent of providing innovative IT solutions to the SMB market with a portfolio laser-focused on virtualization, managed services, and network support. Over the years, the firm evolved and engaged with an array of businesses to design solutions that fit their unique virtualization requirements. “We give them a variety of options and work together to determine what works best. We create solutions specific to the needs of each business and call this approach ‘IT-outside the box,’” explains Dawn Beutjer, Sr. Project Engineer, thepickle. com. Partnering with a client typically starts with a visit to the client site to analyze the existing infrastructure and identify their requirements. After collecting a detailed set of information, provides the client with a report that includes the analysis data and the suggested solutions that can be implemented in their business.

The company virtualization services are spearheaded by VMware’s cloud, colocation, and physical-to-virtual conversion technology that allow rapid deployment and on-boarding.

We create solutions specific to the needs of each business and call this approach‘IT- outside the box’

thepickle. com enables customers to keep their PC’s and access their virtual desktop or utilize any PCoIP device for the new virtualized environment. As a managed service provider, the firm provides high availability technology, redundant hardware, and failover, switching to a redundant or standby computer server, at both ends with 24x7x365 support and an SLA as well.

With over a decade of industrial experience, has created a stellar reputation, with their innovative tailor-made solutions in the desktop virtualization landscape. There’ve been multiple cases where delivered hosted desktop virtualization and allowed employees to work from any location during instances of inconsistent connectivity. While explaining the unique value proposition of in the desktop virtualization arena, Dawn recalls an interesting instance wherein the firm supported a client that had a move scheduled. At the last minute, the customer’s new offices weren’t ready, and for two weeks they had no office space to work. As hosted the client infrastructure, they were able to continue to work from other locations without losing time or momentum.

Amid the numerous accolades and accomplishments in its flourishing journey, the one that shines the most is when recently earned the VMware IAAS and MSP badges. The firm’s latest offering involves The Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Automation. “We’re always actively looking for other ways to utilize the infrastructure we’ve built” concludes Dawn.


Cary, IL

Dawn Beutjer, Sr. Project Engineer

Provider of desktop virtualization and managed IT services