THETA432: Performance, Precision, Efficiency, Visibility - The Key to Incident Response and Answer to the Talent Shortage

M. Michael Mitama, CEO
In the digital age of 24x7 connectivity and ever-increasing cyber threats, security analysts are bombarded with a perpetual flow of security data and a wide range of security tools to protect their network. With the disproportionate ratio of employees to incoming events, analyst fatigue has become a critical factor for security operations and is a factor in intrusion analysis. Too many events are left untouched (or receive insufficient attention) as companies lack an effective process management system. The time taken to onboard and train employees to get acquainted with the company’s network, workflows and procedures let alone thwart intrusions occupies a significant amount of time, that hinders overall productivity. Addressing these challenges with expertise in cyber defense and incident life cycle activities is THETA432, a start-up that focuses on efficiency and provides a robust framework for incident response. The company holds experience in catering to everything from incident analysis to cyber threat hunting, including reverse engineering malware and cyberthreat intelligence. “The goal is to reinforce efficiency to the extent where it seems like pressing a button will prevent the attack,” says M. Michael Mitama, CEO of the company. Known as a trusted advisor that provides visibility into the incident response lifecycle and managing KPIs for their clients when it comes to reinforcing a process that can deal with every alert or event efficiently, THETA432 offers an innovative array of solutions.

The company specializes in several cyber defence strategies, including reducing the number of false positives through automation and orchestration, which are glaringly prevalent throughout enterprises. By working with other departments such as compliance and vulnerability management, they also empower them to utilize technology effectively. Mitama mentions that they primarily focus on the client’s needs by offering them the maximum benefits and providing feedback in the form of KPIs. “It’s no longer just providing a security tool to prevent attacks; the problem lies in the inefficiency of alerting and responding to events effectively which we bring to the surface with our methodology of cyber defense, Incident response and embedded operations,” adds Michael.
THETA432 puts a high emphasis on collecting data, a lot of it, and optimizing manual processes with automation. This allows them to examine each attack and determine areas that are primarily susceptible to a compromise or breach. By being able to isolate key data points from the vast amount of data sources and tuning them into metrics, they enhance operational efficiency. With the use of their key efficiency metrics, KPIs and dashboards, Nx Resource Efficiency Signatures, they are able to identify the useful data residing in your network as well as the analysts that perform the best around certain data sets. Armed with this information they are able to utilize resources more effectively and get more done in a shorter period. “The reason we’ve identified resource efficiencies is due to the shortage of analysts and that’s only going to get more challenging.” In the event where the clients have no record of past alerts or attacks, the company deploys additional strategies, one being—3D or Dynamically Defined Defense—accumulating data, identifying metrics, which facilitates new and customized KPIs. This solution helps in tuning the standard procedure that their client follows. On the business front, their clients see a better ROI and a higher performing team.

Michael mentions one such instance where they worked with a Fortune 500 company that was unaware of the malware in their network. Once THETA432 stepped into the picture, they assisted in enabling all the tools to function simultaneously. With the help of their strategy, they were able to retrieve the metrics they needed and determine their next plan of action. Within a short time, they noticed a significant level of resilience and defensibility within those systems.

Other than their regular clientele, the company also caters to remote workers. Whether it is through email, phone, or text messages, they ensure to provide a thorough customer support system and experience. By offering remote support to employees who are left with no option but to resort to local retailers for assistance, they wish to deliver full portfolio of solutions to their clients.


El Segundo, CA

M. Michael Mitama, CEO

Focuses on efficiency and provides a robust framework for incident response activities. Known as a trusted advisor to provide visibility to their clients when it comes to reinforcing a process that can deal with every alert or event efficiently, THETA432 offers an innovative array of solutions. Specialises in reducing the number of false positives which are glaringly common throughout enterprises. With their innovative solutions, they boost operational efficiency