ThickStat: Human-Machine Interaction Redefined

Gopinath Jaganmohan, Co-Founder & CTO, Ganesh Gandhieswaran, Co-Founder & President
Since the last couple of decades, companies are spending billions capturing and storing data. But data is fragmented in multiple enterprise systems and that prevents it from being utilized more effectively and pervasively. According to Ganesh Gandhieswaran, the co-founder and president of ThickStat, “The information systems are still an alien for the users, training is necessary to understand information hidden in the systems such as ERP, CRM, and other similar enterprise applications.” Gandhieswaran and Gopinath Jaganmohan, co-founder and CTO of ThickStat, laid the cornerstone of ThickStat in 2017 with the aim to bridge the gap between human and computer through innovative cognitive computing solutions based on conversational intelligence. Human-Machine Interaction using natural language is the next ground-breaking innovation after the use of touch in smartphones.

ThickStat’s smart platform leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to enable human language understanding in computer systems, whereby systems can receive, understand, process human language, and respond via voice.

“ThickStat’s Platform understands the user behavior, context and intent to deliver personalized experience”

ThickStat uses its platform to deliver analytics and domain solutions that enable decision making across the enterprise. The solutions have been thoughtfully built to improve data driven decision making across top-floor to shop-floor. ThickStat’s cross-industry Conversational Business Interlligence (BI) solution “Athena” leverages advanced analytics and machine learning to uncover key business insights and anomalies. Customers can ask questions in simple human language to gain quick and easy insights about Sales, Finance, HR ,Warranty, and more, eliminating the need to refer to different applications and screens. “Platform’s adaptive learning, dynamic micro action execution, and the ability to connect different data sources make the solution more scalable and easy to adopt” states Jaganmohan. Athena can also provide information about the health of the data by proactively scanning for outliers, completeness, and correctness.

Customers can ask simple business questions in human language to gain quick and easy insights about Sales, Finance, HR, warranty, etc. eliminating the need to refer different applications and screens

ThickStat’s platform also powers its other solutions to bring the power of natural language based conversation to the field. LIBRO serves as a library on-the-go with enhanced accessibility to diversity of content by integrating with voice channels such as Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. The public libraries have already adopted LIBRO to deliver the conversational experience for the patrons. One name ThickStat’s customer says, “This is an exciting technology, allows our users to access the local library with voice conversation”.

ThickStat plans further development as a B2B cognitive solution provider, geographically beyond North America and linguistically beyond the English language. ThickStat intends to establish a footprint strongly for Athena in 2018 while continuing to envision and develop more business solutions. Thickstat’s conversational intelligence platform and solutions can also be plugged into existing enterprise modules and SaaS solutions. Via strong partnerships with system integrators and service providers, ThickStat is ready to roll out the solutions very quickly, even for larger enterprises.

The ThickStat team of data scientists, industry experts, and techno-preneurs with deep industry and technology experience is led by a combination of Jaganmohan’s technological expertise and Gandhieswaran’s customer management skills. Gandhieswaran motivates ThickStat to focus on achieving customer outcomes and employee bonding that augments the growth of the company. “Our vision is to deliver technologies to common man without training or even being perceived as a ‘technology’. That means, our technologies should be smarter, think, talk and act like human,” concludes Gandhieswaran.


Indianapolis, Indiana

Gopinath Jaganmohan, Co-Founder & CTO, Ganesh Gandhieswaran, Co-Founder & President

Provides smart cognitive solutions leveraging Natural Language and contextual computing to enable users to easily accomplish tasks in the digital world