thingtech: Actionable Data and Enterprise Integration for Fleet and Equipment Managers

Brian Corcoran, President
Advancements in mobile to mobile communication (M2M) and cloud computing have created a glut of GPS Fleet Tracking solutions. Most solutions do little more than “track and trace” and struggle to provide actionable data or appeal to deep vertical market requirements. thingtech, an Atlanta, GA-based company leverages “Internet of Things” technology that combines asset telematics with world class analytics and business process automation to deliver superior value to vehicle and equipment intensive operations. ”Our major differentiator is our ability to provide asset intelligence through real-time connectivity, analytics, and business process automation with our suite of connected applications,” says Brian Corcoran, President, thingtech.

thingtech’s asset management solutions have redefined the industry’s ideology of a “find and fix” approach to asset and equipment maintenance to a ‘’predict and prevent’’ paradigm. “We set out with the mission to build a solution on an open data platform with powerful analytics and business process automation. Our mission is to drive value to our customers through our suite of real-time, connected asset maintenance and mobile workforce solutions,” says Corcoran. For “maintenance and repair operations”, thingtech’s suite of solutions represents a connected, intelligent field service solution that optimizes work and migrates field workers away from a paper intensive business to mobile apps for a more accurate, paperless data collection environment.

Interestingly, thingtech is poised to launch a connected telematics product built entirely on the Salesforce platform and available on the company’s app marketplace – the AppExchange. The product, tracIT for Salesforce, will be the first out-of-the-box, connected fleet management solution for the Salesforce ecosystem. The product was designed for transportation and service companies interested in bringing together fleet asset management and real-time vehicle location data with their cloud-based enterprise solutions and their customers.
“Salesforce is increasingly being used as a cloud-based ERP solution and our customers want asset utilization, maintenance, and real-time arrival information integrated to their mission-critical business systems and ultimately to their customers in real-time,” says Corcoran.

thingtech’s connected asset intelligence platform has delivered substantial results. One of thingtech’s clients, SoldierOn – a New England-based Veteran advocacy and counseling organization thatserves homeless U.S. Veterans - operates and manages a substantial fleet of vehicles, facilities, and a mobile workforce. SoldierOn required a scalable enterprise solution that brought together fleet management, facility management, and mobile workforce management in a powerful, web-based way. thingtech applied its scalable and integrated suite of applications, automating fleet and facility maintenance, fleet tracking, and service work orders all while integrating fuel card transactions, EZ Pass transactions, and automating laborious cost and grant allocation processes previously completelyafter hours of manual work.

"Our sole mission is to leverage our core compe¬tencies in M2M technologies, field service, and asset maintenance to improve our customer’s businesses. We’re honored to work with Solider On and to play a small role in the wonderful and important work that they do. We’re also excited to be able to take our solutions to a wider audience," states Corcoran.

Our major differentiator is our ability to provide asset intelligence through real-time connectivity, analytics, and business process automation with our suite of connected applications


Atlanta, GA

Brian Corcoran, President

An Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider that seamlessly connects Assets and the Mobile Workforce with Enterprise business processes and Customers