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Lawrence Trujillo, Director of Marketing, SEO and Projects
Digital marketing has been vital for small and medium-sized companies to improve their products’ visibility on the Internet. Amidst increasing competition for sales, engaging product content and brochures, social media management, and pay-per-click campaigns have enabled the companies to punch above their weight. However, to achieve that outcome, hiring competent copywriters, website designers, and search optimization (SEO) experts is not feasible for all businesses. To that end, small and medium-sized companies require an accomplished partner that can develop data-driven market strategies such as interactive campaigns and improved SEO campaigns to attract potential consumers to their website. ThinkBIG Sites is a reliable marketing partner that enables the clients to enhance their online presence leveraging its team’s expertise in content optimization, keyword research, and pay-per-click ad campaigns. The company’s market strategies are aimed at boosting both short-term lead generation through pay-per-click ads and improving SEO strategy for long term goals.

“The digital marketing strategies offered by ThinkBIG involve optimizing the content and keywords to create a fully functional and high performing website for the consumers,” says Lawrence Trujillo, director of marketing, SEO and projects at ThinkBIG. By combining robust inventory management with customizable templates for websites from WordPress and Shopify, ThinkBIG ensures that clients provide their audience with accurate inventory details along with an appealing website. Additionally, the team assists clients in creating product listings and recommended keywords through their SEO techniques to ensure better visibility for potential consumers. The company continues support with marketing campaigns across social media through advertising pay-per-click on Google, Facebook, and Instagram and also through emails to interested consumers using the content and data provided by the client.

Along with assisting clients in building their website, ThinkBIG also improves their presence across e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. The team ensures that the product listings are created correctly as per the retail giant’s guidelines using appropriate keywords, and assists in managing inventories.

The digital marketing strategies offered by us involve optimizing the content and keywords to create a fully functional and high performing website for the consumers

“We create an Amazon sales strategy for the client and support them in implementing the strategy based on target Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS),” affirms Trujillo.

Each of ThinkBIG’s marketing strategies is uniquely tailored based on th¬e client’s goals and direction for the future and sets realistic objectives for them by maintaining a transparent approach while dealing with the client. It focuses on improving the client’s main source of attracting customers and then using multiple SEO techniques and creating clear, concise, and consistent content. In order to maintain uniform content across platforms, the ThinkBIG team also enhances ‘Google My Business information’ by mirroring the information available on the website.

The company’s high-yielding digital marketing strategies are mainly an outcome of its tried and tested techniques for improving SEO. Along with these techniques, the descriptions and content are created by following Google’s guidelines maintaining clear and consistency search results. ThinkBIG also ensures that the client has complete transparency on how the team creates the SEO strategies and pay-per-click ads.

Going forward, the company looks forward to improving its SEO and website creation services in order to drive traffic to clients’ platforms. With e-commerce market growing at a rapid rate, ThinkBIG will continue to focus on this segment and strive to be the most sought after partner for the small and medium-sized companies.

ThinkBIG Sites - Marketing

Logan, UT

Lawrence Trujillo, Director of Marketing, SEO and Projects

ThinkBIG is a leading internet marketing firm that helps clients from all over the world to improve their online visibility and overall profits. Although the company is well known for its ethical and transparent SEO technique, it also specializes in SEM services, social media management, social media engagement, web design and reputation management. It takes pride in offering its clients a fully customized campaign derived from their direct ideology of success. The company’s approach and strategy are geared towards conversion and website success. It provides complete transparency to its customers with their personal dashboard to view all analytics, trends, reports, and work completed

ThinkBIG Sites - Marketing