Thinkgate: Customizable Solutions to Make Education Effective and Personal for Every Student

CIO VendorEric Waynick, Founder & CEO
Today’s educators are being challenged to teach a more diverse student body—a population with different traits and tastes—with higher academic standards than ever before. Thinkgate provides the technology that enables educators to successfully meet these standards.

Thinkgate originated from a core belief that educators are the key to making education effective and personal for every student. In fact, Thinkgate’s first solution was designed to support an innovative school district that wanted to accelerate and improve teaching with immediate access to formative assessment information. From that humble beginning in 2004, Thinkgate developed its proprietary Thinkgate Technology Platform and products to enable educators and administrators make intelligent instructional decisions based on assessment data; personalize instruction for all students; and improve educational outcomes. “I was motivated to create a toolset that would help educators become more effective, giving students a better opportunity to succeed in the classroom regardless of their idiosyncrasies,” says Eric Waynick, Founder and CEO, Thinkgate.

Thinkgate brings decade of experience and refined knowledge of the education sector to its solution offerings. They provide web-based solutions in the areas of assessment, curriculum and instruction, and teacher effectiveness. Thinkgate’s Assessment Solution allows educators to easily create and administer assessments and see how students are progressing through its reporting functionality. By offering lesson/unit planning and scheduling resources, the company’s Curriculum and Instruction Solution allows educators to optimize learning with more effective instruction.

We're empowering educators to do what they do best - make intelligent decisions for the benefit of each individual student

Thinkgate’s Teacher Effectiveness Solution automates the chosen evaluation framework, enables efficient electronic observations and evaluations, and utilizes student growth data to measure teacher effectiveness.

One of the most distinguishing features of Thinkgate’s solutions is that they are all built on the Thinkgate Technology Platform, which makes them entirely scalable and customizable. While many players in the education technology space offer out-of-the box solutions, Thinkgate customizes solutions to truly meet an education agency’s unique needs. “These solutions are developed to integrate with the technology applications already deployed by education agencies, giving them access to a wealth of data, information and tools—all through one single sign-on platform,” remarks Waynick. “As a result, educators and administrators can bring the education process full circle, starting with assessment creation and administration and ending with instructional improvement through assessment analytics and curriculum or professional development resources,” he adds.

As a pioneer in K-12 education technology, Thinkgate works with education institutions that are embracing technology to improve student achievement. Around 500 education agencies across 12 states are supported by Thinkgate’s solutions. Currently, the company is providing state-wide solutions in Ohio, Massachusetts, Illinois and North Carolina. One of their clients, Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) required a web-based solution for administration, reporting and assessment creation. Since the client had a large database comprising of 345,000 students, 392 schools, and 40,000 employees, they needed a scalable solution that could be implemented quickly and effectively. Thinkgate’s Assessment Management Solution provided M-DCPS a reliable and scalable way to create, administer, and score the district’s assessments. Using the solution, the client was able to deliver a large number of assessments efficiently and quickly.

“Client needs and industry trends determine our road map. We provide regularly scheduled enhancements and integrate new features into our platform to meet the evolving needs of the education industry,” says Waynick.


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Eric Waynick, Founder & CEO

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