ThinkingPhones: Smart Devices Improves Business Communication

The world-wide adoption of mobile devices at both office and home has transformed the way people communicate and conduct business. The “Bring your own device” (BYOD) trend has infiltrated into organizations of all sizes. The widespread usage of technologies such as Wi-Fi and smart devices has led to a sheer rise in the graph of the number of people transferring their office work to personalized devices for an efficient workflow. Gartner predicts that half of the employers globally will assign employees to deliver work by using their personalized smart devices by 2017. This paradigm shift is causing companies to adopt Unified Communications technology to bring together all these devices into one single integrated platform making it easy for people to communicate, connect and work efficiently, virtually from anywhere. “We at ThinkingPhones aim to make your communication systems work for the customers and provide applications that will benefit both customer and the service provider,” says Steve Kokinos, CEO.

Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, ThinkingPhones provides mobile-enabled, analytics-driven business communications—voice, text, and conferencing services on a single cloud platform. The Unified Communications provider seamlessly unifies customer’s business voice, text and conferencing services on a single cloud platform. ThinkingPhones aims to deliver intelligent, mobile ready apps to staff and customers for a better connection of cloud based application.

“ThinkingPhones aims to solve collaboration challenges faced by the organizations and their clients due to the increasing mobile and social workforce,” comments Kokinos. Leveraging flexible cloud based infrastructure the ThinkingPhones voice service makes it convenient for the customers to efficiently communicate with service providers to grow their business. On the other end, the Thinking Phones analytics solution is an application that helps all businesses to analyze information regarding workforce performance, customer engagement and efficient running of the enterprise.

The big data solution offered by ThinkingPhones Contactive, helps in accessing the unified communication system through mobile phones. This securely connects employees with phones, calendar, email, and other networking sites to enhance sales processes of their clients. In addition the Contactive applies best-in-class business practices to manage today’s information needs. “Contactive’s real-time data makes it easier to build
Steve Kokinos, CEO
stronger relationships with your customers, increasing their lifetime value and generating more sales by anticipating customer needs,” mentions Kokinos.

The countless inbound and outbound calls can now be managed efficiently by using ThinkingPhones cloud based contact center solution. The solution from ThinkingPhones helps enterprises to accurately track down multiple applications-voice, video, mobility, presence/IM, email, unified messaging, and audio conferencing to improve customer satisfaction. In addition, the Unified Communication provider’s iMeet video and audio conferencing solution, offers in-field team members to connect easily with the home office or customers worldwide via Mobile, desktop video and auditorium solutions.

Thinking Phones Presence solution leverages the power of instant messaging and videoconferencing to enhance workforce collaboration. The solution tries to ease the growing multi-mode communication and helps to increase productivity. “The ThinkingPhones presence solution provides information about a user’s availability and the mode of communication with which to best reach them. Communicator automatically detects when a ThinkingPhones-powered device (smartphone, desk phone, or softphone) is being used,” explains Kokinos.

Moving forward, ThinkingPhones announces to expand its reign to Paris, France, Copenhagen, and Denmark as part of its continued global expansion strategy. “ThinkingPhones will soon be opening new data centers in APAC later in 2015, with plans to continue its global expansion into 2016. Cedric’s regional expertise and knowledge will ensure continued strong sales and unparalleled growth in EMEA to delivery capabilities,” concludes Kokinos.


Cambridge, MA

Steve Kokinos, CEO

Provider of mobile-enabled, analytics-driven business communications, which seamlessly unifies voice, text, and conferencing services on a single cloud platform