ThinkSecureNet and SecureNetMD: Innovative and Unified Communication for Healthcare

Drew Laroche, CIO & Co-Founder
Communication is essential in every business, especially in the healthcare sector. A lack of smooth communication among medical staff can ruin a patient’s treatment and experience. Furthermore, in times of emergencies, a congested telephone line can be fatal. Proving its supremacy over traditional telecom systems, Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions are rewarding for both internal and external communications, with the potential to save lives. A recognized name in the healthcare industry is SecureNetMD, a division of ThinkSecureNet, that offers HIPAA compliant Managed Healthcare IT solutions to empower healthcare organizations to enhance patient experience and care using advanced telecom solutions.

SecureNetMD offers comprehensive security and IT solutions that augment existing IT departments of healthcare companies. In addition, the company provides managed service and solution models that enable clients to utilize resources that are specific to their requisites. From preliminary network implementations to complete managed services, 24/7 help desk support, and unified communications solutions, SecureNetMD offers solutions that guarantee higher efficiency and reliability.

The company’s Unified Communication solution improves the flexibility of phone systems utilized by healthcare organizations. SecureNetMD offers a complete package including call flow design, enhanced call analytics, secure email, and messaging. These services eliminate the need to pay telecom providers and save money on bills. Additionally, using VoIP technology results in drastically higher call qualities, and clients can also configure the tech to pull up patient information during the call. When receptionists take breaks, they can enable call-rolling that routes the call to another available assistant or a doctor, reducing the chances of dropped calls and losing vital information. In addition, VoIP empowers medical staff to conduct video conferencing and messaging, a functionality that has become a crucial part of telemedicine.

Amidst the pandemic, softphones have gained traction. SecureNetMD offers a mobile application where teams can log into the company’s platform and use the app for calls without an office phone. Explaining how clients can easily navigate through the call flows, Drew Laroche, CIO & Co-founder of SecureNetMD, says, “Our experience in developing call flows specifically catered to healthcare really goes beyond the capabilities of most VoIP providers. We offer end-to-end call flow development, empowering clients to leverage our solutions to the maximum capacity.” Communication channels have often defined the number of concurrent calls that an organization can receive. SecureNetMD helps clients manage more calls and avoid long queues with its call-bursting services. Complementing the communication solutions is the managed IT solution that streamlines IT operations.

Disaster recovery, cloud solutions, and IT consultancy are part of SecureNetMD’s product suite that ensures clients’ business continuity and data availability. Clients can employ the company’s various cloud services to ensure the availability of patient data during emergencies. SecureNetMD also offers Managed Security Solutions, bolstering organizations from ransomware and cyber threats. Network security, Security Risk Analysis (SRA), threat, vulnerability, and compliance management are some of the solutions the company offers under its end-to-end protection plan.
Clients can enable content filtering and configure personalized access limits for employees. The solutions generate alerts and identify false alarms while escalating the issues that need immediate attention. In addition, the company offers antivirus, DNS protection, Intrusion Detection, and many more services at gateway level protection. Among the several competitors in the market, SecureNetMD shines brighter due to its unique implementation methods, enabling the clients to choose the communication method they are comfortable with.

We are transparent and truthful and we instill integrity in our teams. We do everything to make sure that not only we work hard and take care of clients, but also consider everyone as part of our family

Upon engaging with a client, SecureNetMD’s teams conduct a preliminary call and understand the client’s requirements. Senior technicians and deployment specialists also get involved in the conversation to check feasibility. Next, the implementation strategy is formulated, which is followed by the development of the solution. Once the client is content with the solutions, the client gains access to a dedicated project management team and other resources. Recurring weekly meetings are conducted to ensure that the client is satisfied with the solutions and changes are made if necessary. SecureNetMD’s teams have undergone extensive HIPAA training and security awareness programs and are well-versed in the best implementation methodologies that ensure HIPAA compliance. Moreover, its customer-centric approach has enabled it to forge long-term relationships with its clients, who believe in its values and commitment to them.

The core values of SecureNetMD comprise loyalty, service excellence, and innovation. Drew adds, “We are transparent and truthful and we instill integrity in our teams. We do everything to make sure that we not only work hard and take care of clients, but also consider everyone as part of our family.” In addition, the company recurringly evaluates the latest technologies to innovate and enhance its solutions, which has helped several of its clients adapt quickly to digitalization. For example, Metro Anesthesia Consultants, a premier anesthesia company in Dallas, struggled with its operations until SecureNetMD came to the rescue.

Metro Anesthesia Consultants’ expansive growth overwhelmed the company and shifted its focus from increasing patient care to managing the technologies for its operations. SecureNetMD became an extended part of their team and built a centralized knowledge base around its needs. As a result, Metro Anesthesia could streamline its processes, increase efficiency, and serve its customers better. The firm belief that healthcare professionals and brands have on SecureNetMD comes with its reputation of innovating every day. As technology is becoming a more significant part of our lives, the company will continue to evolve its solutions while innovating futuristic ones. With increased incidences of cyber attacks, SecureNetMD will innovate solutions for the security aspects of the healthcare industry. Drew concludes, “Security is also in the forefront of our minds. Patients rely on healthcare facilities to keep their information secure. And we innovate and deploy to make cybersecurity easier for our clients.”

ThinkSecureNet and SecureNetMD

Lewes, Delaware

Drew Laroche, CIO & Co-Founder

SecureNetMD offers HIPAA-compliant Managed Healthcare IT solutions. Headquartered in historic Lewes, Delaware, it is a group of passionate IT professionals dedicated to fulfilling its mission of helping healthcare providers and patients achieve more. Its exclusive focus on Healthcare IT delivers the region’s most comprehensive toolset of next-generation solutions. Ranging from preliminary network implementation to full-service support, SecureNetMD has the knowledge and resources to make your project succeed

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