Third Wave: Fullforce Awakens the O&G Industry

George Heal, Partner
Third Wave Consulting is at the intersection of Salesforce and Energy. While they have optimized the Salesforce platform for many industries globally, they are North America’s leading implementer for the energy sector. This has been proven through the extensive experience and depth of knowledge gained from working with the “A-list” of oil and gas companies, from upstream to downstream. Not only do they thrive in this arena, they have developed the only Salesforce FullForce solution for the energy industry.

Until that point, the energy industry had yet to make a major transformational and innovative play when it came to increasing efficiencies through cloud technology. This left a huge opportunity for the #1 cloud platform (Salesforce) and a very savvy consulting partner (Third Wave) to make a strategic play and prove that Salesforce goes beyond customer relationship management (CRM). The stage was set to bring deep domain knowledge and a stroke of mastery to form the first Salesforce Fullforce solution for the energy industry - Well 360!

“One of the biggest challenges we face is having clients understand that Salesforce is not just a CRM tool. This is especially true in upstream businesses where some don’t even use the CRM aspects of Salesforce. We needed to educate them on the power of the platform,” outlines George Heal, Partner at Third Wave and an Oil and Gas industry expert. For a large integrated energy company, that had well data sitting in nine different systems, Third Wave knew their accelerator was a game changer. They proceeded with implementing Well 360 and instead of keeping the ‘customer’ at the center of CRM, Third Wave configured the system to recognize the well as the focal point.

Prior to the implementation, the client had no single source of truth; the systems were departmentally focused and designed for specific stages of the well life-cycle. People created their view of data in spreadsheets, gathering it from multiple places. Well 360 mitigated the shortcomings of this workflow by presenting a single view to the entire team. The systems of record were aggregated into a single System of Engagement, providing a 360-degree view of the well.

Efficiency has become priority ever since the downturn in oil prices. Saving time is key through a platform like Salesforce

The benefits spanned the entire company in profound ways. By eliminating multiple copies of the data, Third Wave streamlined their decision making and allowed enterprise-wide processes and workflows to be implemented. The client rolled this out to multiple operating districts, entailing over 800 internal and hundreds of external users.

“Bottom line is that operational efficiency, achieved through the timely implementation of customized software solutions, has become the priority for the Oil and Gas industry ever since the downturn of oil prices,” outlines Heal. Substantiating this observation, Third Wave’s accelerators ensure these efficiencies across all aspects of the oil and gas industry from the wellhead to the gas pump. Meanwhile, their team remains trained and current on the latest trends so they can continue to bring new solutions to the table.

Third Wave’s accelerators cover a wide range of business problems including well life cycle, human resources, stakeholder management, feedstock purchasing, risk management and much more. Some of the new additions to the solution portfolio that they remain optimistic about are emergency management, ethical sourcing, and well shut-in which they are hopeful will help address the well abandonment problem currently facing North America.

Third Wave’s passion and expertise continues to thrive through the extensive knowledge gained from working with several of the big players in the energy arena and the synergy and technical acumen earned through countless Salesforce implementations.

Third Wave

Houston, TX

George Heal, Partner

Implements Salesforce Fullforce solutions for the oil and gas industry, with deep domain knowledge and rapidly developed ’accelerator’ tools

Third Wave