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Guo Xiao, President & CEO
To navigate the increasingly complex digital world, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) aims at bringing a measure of inventiveness and reliable in-time delivery of strategy, portfolio management, and product design, combined with digital engineering excellence. Chicago-based ThoughtWorks is a community of passionate individuals with a purpose to revolutionize software design, creation, and delivery. With Guo Xiao, President and CEO at the helm, ThoughtWorks is committed to building large scale, mission critical, globally deployed applications with high scalability, availability, and reliability. Continuous Integration (CI) server and Cruise Control—ThoughtWorks’ ALM products—ensures that the company is uniquely positioned to influence the impact of technology in the world and is pushing the boundaries of CI to attain proficiency in Continuous Delivery and making it a common practice.

ALM is the answer to the growing concerns of enterprises yearning for a flawless software development process, and by leveraging ALM; companies can seamlessly build an organized infrastructure. ThoughtWorks aims to push software development teams to think and work differently. The company’s GoCD, a continuous delivery server, provides an advanced workflow modeling and dependency management. Its value stream map lets customers track the changes from commit to deploy at a glance, providing superior visibility into the entire workflow. With Snap, a cloud-based continuous delivery tool, ThoughtWorks helps its customers in parallelization to get faster feedback by running pipelines and tests in parallel and get deployment ready with ease. To find the workflow that suits the team can be challenging. The company’s online project management tool—Mingle enables companies to implement and scale agile practices successfully and is designed to integrate with a team’s current workflow. These solutions and delivery tools help ThoughtWorks’ customers to build software faster, continuously improve teams and processes, and drive the change that is needed to thrive.

One of the successful cases where ThoughtWorks’ Mingle proved to be a great catalyst in facilitating the business is of SunGard, a major financial services company with a bulk of Nasdaq trades passing through its support systems each day.

ThoughtWorks’ ALM solution is transforming the way the citizens live

The successful adoption of ThoughtWorks’ agile best practices across the SunGard businesses and their customers were assisted by Mingle. The tool simplified SunGard’s cumbersome chore of project reporting and process governance with increased productivity of 15 percent in the first year. ThoughtWorks’ product empowered SunGard’s geographically distributed team to actualize high returns for their very first agile project delivery.

The company has implemented software productivity systems for hundreds of clients in various industries worldwide. ThoughtWorks’ ALM solution for the public sector is transforming the way the citizens live, by combining years of strategic transformation knowledge with lean product innovation to create a digital excellence experience. ThoughtWorks’ strategy, technology, and services for the modern retail sector are helping the company’s clients in becoming tech-enabled retailers that challenge the status-quo.

ThoughtWorks is on a mission to better humanity through software and help drive the creation of a socially and economically just world. ThoughtWorks tries to be proactive in technology choices. More than 700 companies have formulated their technology using ThoughtWorks’ “Build Your Own Radar Tool,”—the tool that enables them to see if their technology strategy actually takes account of the latest IT trends and industrial development. ThoughtWorks’ feedback loop for continuous delivery of mobile apps helps ThoughtWorkers—the company’s proficient workforce with the ability to learn, adopt and make more advanced applications.


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Guo Xiao, President & CEO

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