Three Deep: Driving Business Value with Google Technology

Dave Woodbeck, CEO
The proliferation of digital marketing technologies over the past two decades has been substantial, marking one of history’s most rapid rates of adoption of new technologies. In spite of the technological advancements, there is still a gap in most businesses on how technology can be applied to advance their business strategies. With the evolution of Google technologies, like Google AdWords or Google Analytics, all marketers have the ability to create sophisticated and scalable campaigns. Deriving value from advanced digital strategies, Three Deep, a Google-certified agency, delivers high performance digital marketing programs.

Launched in 2003, the firm is a solution-focused agency that specializes in acquisition-based services. “We are partnered with Google, however our performance agency is far more than Google Tag Manager, Analytics, and AdWords,” states Dave Woodbeck, CEO, Three Deep. Our team is data-driven, constantly analyzing and testing to achieve higher ROI for our clients.”

The name, “Three Deep” was coined based on a persuasive marketing strategy and denotes a method of breaking down a company’s marketing value by doing a “Three Deep analysis,” determining a customer’s value, the way a brand service those values, and a detailed analysis of value proposition mapped directly to the customer’s needs.

“We analyze a brands measurement maturity by evaluating their data quality, governance, work flow, consistency of practices, ownership of technology, and overall campaign goals,” says Woodbeck. The company delivers solutions on the basis of an organization’s current level of implementation and maturity level. Once a current maturity model is set, Three Deep builds a structure to help the organization advance and scale overtime.

Three Deep’s online marketing services delivers value by attracting and converting prospective customers through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid media campaigns—Google AdWords, Retargeting Ads, Paid Social Media—and website developments.

We are partnered with Google and our performance agency is far more than Google Tag Manager, Analytics, and AdWords

They nurture and grow customer value with the help of Electronic Customer Relationship Management (eCRM), marketing automation, email marketing, and website development. Through Google Analytics—Google Tag Manager and Conversion Rate Optimization—the company measures analyzes, and optimizes results. Additionally, the firm embraces Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to elevate marketing performance.

“When one understands both, business problem and technology then there is magic that can happen by producing solutions that otherwise might go unnoticed,” extols Woodbeck. In one instance Three Deep offered Google Analytics (GA) solution to a client, who, in spite of not being in the ecommerce business, had many parts of their website that could be viewed as a transaction, comprising many micro conversions. Having used GA ecommerce on several other sites, “We leverage functions such as time to purchase and path to purchase that are a part of GA ecommerce.” Upon installing GA ecommerce on the client’s site, the site became significantly easier to identify the pockets of the website that were driving value for the client’s customers.

Going forward, Three Deep plans to continue to expand as a business and maintain their core focus on assisting brands find and convert their target audience. “We envision creating turnkey packages across our service lines that have already bundled the technology thinking into the service. We anticipate that this will lower the risk for both ourselves and our clients to deliver high ROI projects,” Woodbeck concludes.

Three Deep

Saint Paul, MN

Dave Woodbeck, CEO

Develops lead optimization and customer retention practices resulting in measurable improvements along the entire marketing and sales demand chain

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