Thycotic: Securing Enterprises with Privilege Management Solutions

Jonathan Cogley, CTO & Founder
The exponential rise in incidents involving massive data breaches, data integrity attacks, and cyber espionage over the recent years has led to an unprecedented demand for dynamic enterprise security solutions. Operating in a hyper-competitive market today makes smarter cyber security solutions a greater imperative for organizations as security breaches reflect badly on their brand reputation as well. “The enterprise security consumer is more tech-savvy today with demands for solutions with faster deployment and greater usability in a high octane IT environment that requires constant surveillance,” remarks Jonathan Cogley, CTO and Founder, Thycotic.

Based in Washington, DC, Thycotic provides enterprise grade privileged account management and application control solutions that secure organizational credentials such as keys, certificates, and passwords. The firm specializes in providing clients with cyber security solutions that work right out of the box in delivering value from day one of its deployment. “We saw a need in the market around cyber threats and our experience in mitigating cyber-attacks helped us create specialized software that allows companies to organize their most sensitive credentials,” delineates Cogley.

Privileged accounts represent one of the most vulnerable aspects of an organization’s IT infrastructure. Privileged escalation is a critical stage of the cyber attack because, if privileged credentials are compromised, the attacker is able to move closer to sensitive data while remaining undetected. Today’s advanced cyber attacks are typically designed to evade traditional threat prevention technologies that are focused on protecting the perimeter from outside breach. Furthermore, compliance requirements continue to become more stringent in response to the complex and evolving threat landscape.

Thycotic’s Secret Server solution provides enterprises with a privilege account management solution that protects against cyber-attacks that use privileged accounts to strike at the core of the enterprise.

Delivered in cloud and on-premise versions, Secret Server offers the industry’s most comprehensive privileged account management solution. In fact, companies can try their Secret Server for free at: https://

Thycotic is committed to constant innovations that make their solutions more scalable and user-friendly for their clients. Adobe is one of the beneficiaries of Thycotic’s Secret Server Solution as it helped them overcome issues concerning their DevOps environment.

The Thycotic suite of products addresses all the different use cases that an IT or security administrator would have in an enterprise

The implementation of Thycotic’s privilege management solution helped Adobe manage the sensitive credentials associated with processes like the automation of Adobe scripts and application management. “With customers experimenting with their DevOps environment, automating BuildScripts, and performing fast app deployments, automation now requires credentials and that is where Thycotic fits in,” elaborates Cogley.

Thycotic recently announced the acquisition of Arellia, which adds application control to privileged account security to stops the widest range of malware-based attacks at endpoint

“As malware continues to be a frequently-used as a successful means for hijacking credentials, organizations have come to realize that the endpoint problem is a privilege problem,” said James Legg, CEO of Thycotic. “The fact is, motivated attackers will eventually get inside your network – it’s what happens next that matters. Establishing a foothold on endpoints and escalating privileges enables attackers to jump from endpoints, to servers, to domain controllers until they own the network. With the acquisition of Arellia, Thycotic now extends privilege security to the endpoint to mitigate these risks without excessively restrictive controls on users. “

“The technology landscape is changing fast and you have to be careful of just following the next shiny thing,” remarks Cogley. Thycotic’s growth trajectory has been consistent since the last three years as the firm has established itself as one of the fastest growing firms in the enterprise security domain. Going forward, Cogley plans to extend Thycotic’s presence beyond the U.S. market with slated expansion projects across Germany, UK, and the Asia- Pacific region. The CTO attributes this success to the firm’s best practice approach and passionate work culture—a motivational element behind their team’s success in delivering phenomenal results.


Washington, DC

Jonathan Cogley, CTO & Founder

Provider of privileged identity management and password management solutions