TIBCO: Proven Enterprise-class API Management Platform

Murray Rode, CEO
Businesses today are driven by delivering data to the right individuals at the right time. As data is poising a wide range of opportunities for several business entities, various enterprises are now relying upon API (Application Program Interface) to harness data that is potential to drive them in achieving business goals. As the world is becoming hyper-connected, several enterprises are participating in the API economy using web APIs. TIBCO, is one such firm that embraces API to help enterprises get connected to digital value chain for new opportunities. “Our solutions allow you build and test APIs, define runtime governance policies, migrate APIs between environments, and monitor and report on API usage,” says Murray Rode, CEO, TIBCO.

Headquartered at Palo Alto, CA, TIBCO supplies a complete, proven venture-class API management platform to engage success with APIs, build business deftness and intensity. This is achieved through TIBCO's API Exchange platform which comprises of three different components—API manager, gateway, and analytics. “A cost-effective solution for an open API ecosystem is designed with the help of API’s manager solution. The solution makes it easy to manage API partners as well as create and promote your APIs as products,” shares Rode. API manager can configure deployment policies for APIs— authentication, throttling, routing, and mediation—and set access rights by user or organization, and looks after the entire API product lifecycle.

On the other hand, Gateway regulates third party access to service-oriented architecture (SOA) systems by unifying heterogeneous services and providing a single point of control. Gateway's highly scalable and high-performance edge allows users to accelerate on boarding of customers, partners, and programs easily. It also scales dynamically to address peak demand, uses caching to improve performance and reduce load on back-end systems. Gateway provides comprehensive security and threat protection that shields APIs from attack, controls access, and secures API-transmitted data. In addition to that, their service performance is optimized through an in-memory, cluster-wide data grid that enables advanced caching strategies.
“Understanding the skeleton or the framework of an API program is the key to build effective programs,” says Rode. To deal with this scenario, TIBCO API platform provides an industry-rich analytics server with a full range of powerful out-of-the box reporting and analytics capabilities for both API providers and consumers. This will monitor API usage for product improvement and opportunity analysis. “A well laid reporting system can avail benefits for enterprises and as well guide the business towards the right path,” says Rode.

TIBCO's deep experience in service-oriented computing assures that TIBCO API Exchange is capable of achieving good amount of value for any kind enterprise integration. The benefits offered by the platform are extremely favorable to several clients of TIBCO. TIBCO is keen on building programs in a very cost effective manner to perform business easily. “Improving productivity and reducing operational cost is our core strategy so that customers can benefit as well gain competitive advantage among other contenders,” asserts Rode. Through the acquisition of complementary businesses, products, and technologies, TIBCO continues to accelerate innovation and deliver best-in-class solutions to its customers.

On the future front, TIBCO is planning to expand its horizon across various regions through their acquisition of leading API companies in the market. “Through this strategy, we’ll improvise API management fleet of solutions to aid enterprises transform into digital businesses, amalgamate more channels for new services and experiences, and emphasize developers to accelerate innovation,” concludes Mashery.

Our solution allows you build and test APIs, define runtime governance policies, migrate APIs between environments, and monitor and report on API usage


Palo Alto, CA

Murray Rode, CEO

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