Tidemark: Extending Big Data Analytics across the Enterprise

CIO VendorChristian Gheorghe, CEO Tidemark is a new breed of cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) company, founded on the belief that every decision maker—from finance and operations personnel to line managers —should be armed with access to valuable data, deep analytics capabilities, and actionable visualizations that assist them in making the best possible business decisions.

An MIT Sloan Management Review study recently illustrated that organizations adept in the use of analytics, outperform others by a factor of three to one. Top performers are over five times more likely to use analytics in their decision making, and twice as likely to use analytics to guide day-to-day operations and future strategies. There is no question that analytics is essential to successful businesses today. The question is how can organizations derive maximum value from these technologies?

Out of the Finance Department, Into the Enterprise
Analytics solutions have been a great boon to the finance department—and for good reason. Reports that once took weeks to assemble through manual data collection and spreadsheets are largely automated today.
Tidemark strives to extend the benefits of analytics beyond the finance department to decision makers across the enterprise. Tidemark’s apps involve multiple lines of business in core performance processes such as planning, forecasting, consolidation and analysis, and in doing so deliver far greater collaboration, context and accuracy.

By granting access to information and the ability to model any number of scenarios to see how each critical decision will impact the organization, Tidemark truly empowers individuals to make the best possible decisions. Deep modeling capabilities that leverage historical and real-time data streams help decision makers collaborate, take action, predict outcomes and drive significantly improved business performance—in every department, and at every level. Combine this with the actionable visualizations that dynamically depict the story of a company’s performance— companies can make sense of massive amounts of internal and external big data in real-time.

Companies that understand the value of extending big data analytics turn to Tidemark because it offers three key components crucial for success:
First, Tidemark is the only enterprise analytics platform re-imagined from the cloud up that rovides cross-functional analytics and forecasting, so CFOs and CIOs can drive transformation throughout their organization and deliver reliable, elastic, high-speed processing of complex requests.

Second, the company’s mobile user experience works seamlessly on any device, weaving in collaboration, analytical processes, natural language and intelligently designed performance panels.
Whether on tablets or smart phones, business people can easily plan, act and transform day-to-day activities from any location.

Third, an intuitive interface allows employees to both access and provides information quickly and easily. “Although we incorporate vast amounts of data and address enormous complexities, we always present the information in a way virtually anyone can understand with a user interface every business person can easily navigate,” says Christian Gheorghe, CEO, Tidemark.

Big Data Analytics Reinvented
Tidemark’s EPM applications start with the business questions users want to explore. Extracting real-time data and employing a collaborative process, users can analyze information within the specific context of their business problem, whether it’s streamlining existing organizational functions or providing data-driven analytics to help strategically drive the company forward.

“Many companies today are collecting massive amounts of data without realizing its true potential. Big data analytics offers a significant competitive advantage, but decision makers must differentiate between the ‘noise’ and the information that can impact your business. At Tidemark, we help companies identify the truly impactful business drivers by integrating critical, relevant data into the system. Every stakeholder in the company can then analyze and visualize that data in context to improve every decision they make,” concludes Gheorghe.


Redwood City, CA

Christian Gheorghe, CEO

Tidemark brings modern, cloud-based financial and operational planning, consolidation and analytics to the entire enterprise through unique, intuitive apps.