Tier1CRM: Redefining Financial Services with Easy-to-use CRM Solutions

Mark Notten, CEO
The Capital Markets segment of the Financial Service industry has a history of being an early adopter of technological changes and innovation. Banks are constantly looking to upgrade their technological capabilities in order to improve client service delivery, improve efficiency and to maintain compliance with regulatory changes. Cloud computing technology has enabled an accelerated pace of innovation by improving information integration and facilitating the development of software which is easier to use, constantly improving and ultimately making information more accessible and relevant to bankers. Leveraging this trend, Tier1CRM is able to provide specialized cloud computing CRM solutions powered by salesforce.com for Capital Markets and for other financial services market segments.

Entering the market initially with products for the real-time world of Sales, Trading and Research desks, Tier1CRM leveraged its long history and deep financial services expertise to create the Tier1ACE application suite, with products and services for sell-side firms available via the salesforce.com AppExchange. Mark Notten, CEO of Tier1CRM, has established his company based on the trust and relationships that he shares with his customers and staff. He says, “I have a motto: ‘business is personal.’ It’s something I live by through my interactions with all of our clients.” This deep relationship with customers is what allows Tier1CRM to continuously translate client requirements into new product features.

“As more and more information is becoming available, what bankers want is a single pane of glass that combines information together contextually and makes it relevant,” says Notten. The Tier1ACE for Investment and Corporate Banking CRM suite provides specialized workflow tools for bankers, analysts and associates. It includes powerful Deal Management, Call Reporting and Relationship Management Coverage tools on desktops and mobile devices.

Tier1CRM has a suite of integrated applications that make up their broad portfolio of products, starting with a banker's desktop application called ACE Concerto which provides bankers with an integrated dashboard that allows them to rapidly access essential information about their client accounts, contacts and relationships and facilitates collaboration with their team via Call Reports which can be automatically locked down to the deal team.

My goal is to transform the financial services industry by creating a single product suite and architecture that works across and connects the entire industry

ACE Deal Manager allows bankers to view and update the status and parameters of deals so that they can manage their pipeline while adhering to all the deal security compliance requirements. Tier1CRM’s unique ability to provide a single solution across Banking and Markets with the required ethical wall security features and MIFID II compliance features has propelled them from servicing small and mid-sized firms to large bulge bracket clients.

With offline capability and Capital Markets grade security features, ACE Mobile apps provide the information bankers needs at their fingertips while on the road. Tier1CRM’s mobile apps also provide an intuitive feature called Radar that mines the CRM database and highlights important clients, contacts and deals which require attention of the banker and helps them to be prepared for meetings.

After successfully transitioning from Research, Sales and Trading into Corporate and Investment Banking, Tier1CRM is now adapting its product suite to Investment Management, the buy-side segment of Financial Services. Going further, Notten noted that Tier1CRM is in a unique position of connecting the buy-side and the sell-side together in new and innovative ways. On a concluding note he says, “My goal is to transform the financial services industry by creating a single product suite and architecture that works across and connects the entire industry.”


Toronto, ON

Mark Notten, CEO

A provider of specialized Cloud Computing CRM solutions for Capital Markets and for other financial services market segments