TIER44 Technologies: Optimize, Manage, and Automate Data Center Performance

Clemens Pfeiffer, President and CEO/CTO
The inexorable trend of processing humungous data clusters has seen a rise in complexity when it comes to managing a data center. Many CIOs today face challenges in data center consolidation and migration, and transforming the massive data into plausible information suitable for enterprise decision making. While working with ServiceNow, Clemens Pfeiffer, currently the CEO of TIER44, caught the drift of data center innovation and management for next-gen data center solutions. TIER44 was founded with a purpose to develop data center management solutions that can focus on the right data and application to get the right information for enterprises. “We offer services that allow enterprises to optimize their data center management priorities according to their organizational goals,” says Pfeiffer.

TIER44 Technologies integrates data center management extensions for the organizations implementing ServiceNow. The company develops data center management solutions and offers visualization, monitoring, and automation across IT and facility components integrated with and certified by ServiceNow. “Today, speed is becoming more and more important when you want to get your work done,” says Pfeiffer. “If you’re leveraging ServiceNow, you get real-time information from the data that is in the same environment.”

The applications of TIER44 Technologies are hosted on the ServiceNow platform directly leveraging the ServiceNow configuration, incidents, and workflow management modules and are offered as a service via the ServiceNow online store. The solution offered by the company potentially integrates with the client’s existing facility and IT management systems including various BMS, IT management systems, Cisco UCS, VMware, and others. The company has two patented products available via the ServiceNow App store: EM/8, their core product that comprises of all the visualization and monitoring project solutions, and PAR4, which is the IT reference data application and benchmark kit.

With Tier44 EM/8, one can visualize configuration management databases and it provides monitoring services on metrics such as power, temperature, heat maps, and utilization of servers through a globally deployed multi-data center infrastructure.

We offer services that allow enterprises to optimize their data center management priorities according to their organizational goals

All configurations are automatically and seamlessly maintained from within ServiceNow with the visualization caches and monitoring data hosted, managed, and updated by Tier44 for large enterprises, government agencies, and managed service providers. PAR4—an extension of the ServiceNow configuration management— allows adding accurate power consumption and efficiency reference records to the ServiceNow database. “We want to optimize the power consumption and leverage the most efficient servers in the market that utilize energy more effectively,” adds Pfeiffer. Together, these solutions provide intelligence and analytics that helps a data center to optimize capacity, manage service levels, and reduce power consumption to greater extent.

Almost all data centers come with fairly well defined structures. However, industry experts look for a structure to map into an IT environment for accurate monitoring and managing the various factors more efficiently. TIER44 brings expertise in how the structure should be set up within ServiceNow, configured, and then adds extended functionality in accordance with customers’ data management solution. While developing a solution or an upgrade for an existing application, the company carries out multiple pieces of research, read out patterns, and then launches it using the ServiceNow Platform for users.

“If you look at the demand for equipment that needs to continuously hold out all the data, it is gigantic,” comments Pfeiffer, picturing 24x7 server uptime and yet to arrive home automation technology. At its innovation lab, TIER44 invests in resources to follow up with current trends, and intends to enhance the data center management in a way that will bring down cost and increase service levels for a data center in coming times.

Tier44 Technologies

Santa Clara, CA

Clemens Pfeiffer, President and CEO/CTO

Develops Data center Management Solutions for large enterprises, government agencies, and managed service providers using ServiceNow

Tier44 Technologies