Tierion: Building a Global Blockchain Proof Engine

Tierion first got the idea for anchoring data to the Bitcoin blockchain to verify its integrity and timestamp while working on marketing automation software back in 2014. Wayne Vaughan, the CEO of the company, recognized the benefit of being able to prove the veracity of lead and marketing analytics data. Customers buying leads would have greater confidence in the integrity and timestamp of their purchase. Vaughan explored many solutions, but they were all limited by Bitcoin’s throughput of approximately five transactions per second. This exploration birthed the idea for Chainpoint—a standard technology to link data to the bitcoin blockchain to create a timestamp proof.

Tierion launched as a SaaS application on August 31st, 2015. Customers used the original Tierion application to anchor data to Bitcoin and create an audit trail for business processes. In 2017, the Company released an open source platform that lets any developer run a Chainpoint Node. Today, Chainpoint is integrated with applications used by thousands of businesses. Each Chainpoint Node is capable of producing over 50 million proofs per day on inexpensive hardware.

Chainpoint gives customers confidence in the data integrity and timestamp of information they collect from their business processes. “Anyone can be certain about the time the data was collected, the particular order, and the fact that it remains untampered,” says Vaughan. Chainpoint has been applied to supply chain use cases, where the tracking of information, sign off approvals, and inspections are important to memorialize. Other common use cases include creating an audit trail for a business process, document timestamping, securing the integrity of clinical trial data, and regulatory compliance.

The transition that Tierion made in 2017, from a company offering a SaaS application to an open source platform on the Internet, has accelerated the adoption of Chainpoint. There are currently over 6000 nodes running on the Chainpoint Network. Software developers can download Chainpoint software from GitHub and run a node privately, or access the public Chainpoint Network by using the API documentation on GitHub or Chainpoint.org.
Chainpoint is easy to use and addresses real business problems. Each Chainpoint proof can be independently verified using open source tools. “One doesn’t need to have a contract with a company to verify Chainpoint proofs are valid and will continue to verify in the future,” emphasizes Vaughan.

Chainpoint makes it easy for developers to anchor data to the Bitcoin blockchain so they can prove the integrity and timestamp of any data or business process

Philips was Tierion’s first enterprise customer. In 2015, they used Chainpoint in several projects, including one that created an audit trail to track how flu vaccines were distributed and collected. Since then, many businesses have integrated Chainpoint into production applications. Dell’s Boomi—a tool that allows software developers to connect data from different software applications integrated with Chainpoint in 2018. SignRequest—a provider of digital signature solutions—uses Chainpoint to timestamp documents by anchoring them to Bitcoin. Microsoft is scheduled to release a Chainpoint Logic App in January of 2019.

Tierion recently acquired Proof.com and is working on a new product that will launch in 2019.

Since launch, Tierion has lead the market at a steady pace. Companies using Chainpoint have received numerous awards and recognition for their innovations. The company looks forward to accelerating the adoption of Chainpoint technology and achieving its mission of building a global proof engine to secure the world’s data.


San Francisco, CA

Wayne Vaughan, Co-founder & CEO

Offers Chainpoint—a technology that links data to the Bitcoin blockchain to create a timestamp proof