Tigerspike: Ensuring a Smooth & Cost Effective Mobility Swift

Luke Janssen, Founder & Group CEO
Mobile is now a strategic imperative, but the cost of mobility is increasing. Many companies have multiple vendors, and building numerous applications is expensive unless you have a common platform upon which to build them. Tigerspike, a New York based mobile focused software firm provides an innovative common platform catering to the needs of such enterprises.

The company has built its platform, Phoenix, which reduces the long term cost of enterprises mobility strategy while lending a scalable secure base to code and providing a single view of the data produced. Tigerspike’s Phoenix platform connects with the customer’scomplex backend systems through mature APIs and Tigerspike’s SDK (Software Development Kit) is then used to build individual front end applications on top of it. The business intelligence derived from this data is invaluable for quick and insightful decision making.

Tigerspike together with licensing its Phoenix platform partners with customers to build the applications on top of it. The process starts with consulting and mobile strategy, design of the user experience and coding and support then follow. The ultimate goal for the customer is to follow Tigerspike’s methodologies and use its platform to build applications with their internal teams, providing a cost saving over time, while up-skilling internal teams.

“Our ‘Kallide’ UX methodology ensures these applications are beautifully designed and easy to use, which is rare in enterprise software and a key differentiator for Tigerspike. Our Phoenix platform together with ourKallide UX methodologies mean that we create 'Apple-like' experiences while keeping the long term costs of mobility under control,” says Luke Janssen, Founder and Group CEO, Tigerspike.

Eliminating Security Concerns

In the recent years, mobile has introduced several security risks that have engulfed millions of dollars globally from enterprises and individuals.

Tigerspike created Karacell, a quantum resistant mobile encryption algorithm. And using Karacell, Tigerspike aims to address key security issues related to mobility

Considering this as one of the eminent threats stopping enterprises to make the mobility paradigm shift, Tigerspike created and patented Karacell, a quantum resistant mobile encryption algorithm created by the future technologies division of the company. With the help of its suite of mobile security products built using Karacell, Tigerspike aims to address one of the key security issues related to mobility. These sophisticated solutions helped Tigerspike bring companies like The Economist, Kaiser Permanente, DirecTV, Shell, Royal Bank of Scotland, Woolworths, Singapore Press Holdings, UK, U.S. and Australian governments under its umbrella within a decade of its operation.

For the last five consecutive years, the company has been growing its revenue at an average annual rate of 58 percent and looks forward to continue to grow and consolidate its position as the largest global end-to-end mobile focused software provider. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Dubai, London, New York and San Francisco, Tigerspike is now embracing Tokyo with its new office that will help the company consolidate itsstrong position in Asia. The company has recently launched the cloud based version of Phoenix platform. This together with the patented mobile security products will help the company in its growth over the next decade.


New York, NY

Luke Janssen, Founder & Group CEO

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