Tigerspike Limited: Unlocking the Power of Personal Media

Luke Janssen, Group CEO
The world today has become highly techno-centric where people are making maximum use of technology to save their time and efforts. Consumerization of IT has destabilized the traditional ways of shopping, conceiving media and socializing. Today people are fortified with handheld magical devices like Smart phones, tablets and mobile phones which has changed the way the world works. It has given them an ultimate power to gather information, shop, play games, watch audio-visuals and connect to the world at the wink of an eye.

Changing trends demands businesses to acclimatize to the need of providing better tools to the workforce and better experience to customers. It has become very intricate to reach a fragmented audience due to many numbers of devices, screen sizes and operating systems. Creating a common platform for all the solutions being deployed to customers and employees can deliver huge returns to businesses. To achieve the same, Tigerspike, with its world renowned design and user experience skills together with a hosted platform ‘Phoenix’, produces mobile applications that are unmatched. Phoenix automates many processes, and helps the businesses to make the most of personal media tools andstay ahead of the curve.

Founded in 2003 by Luke Janssen, Tigerspike is a mobile technology company that pioneered UGC and mobile messaging. Today it is the world’s leading provider of personal media technology solutions specializing in user centric mobile software development. Tigerspike designs and builds solutions across all platforms and devices. From apps, hybrid and HTML5 responsive sites to the most complex back end integrations.

The organization uses their Kallide methodology which combines advanced user experience skills with enterprise grade engineering delivered using an enterprise mobility platform called Phoenix.

Creating a common platform for all the solutions being deployed to customers and employees

The Phoenix platform and the UX methodologies which are built into it, reduce complexity, time to market, and total cost of mobility while creating scalable, usable, secure products and solutions. Phoenix also acts as a single source of big data mobile analytics. "Our focus on usability and UX methodologies and tools is an approach that is unique to us, and most software vendors are not user centric in their thinking," says Janssen.

Building World Class Solutions

The organization is well placed to work with global brands. For an instance, They have developed a mobile app for 'The Economist', a leading newspaper with features like Editors highlights, Offline reading, Audio, interactive advertising and pinch to zoom which received a tremendous response. American Express, Woolworths, The Telegraph, Shell, Vodafone, Kaiser Permanente, Novartis, Emirates, Yahoo, and Fox are a few of its major clients.

With success coming its way, Tigerspike has grown with over 50 percent CAGR in last five years and has set up a Future technologies division within its Innovation Lab to create a sustainable competitive advantage through future development of Phoenix and the creation of a suite of mobile focused patented new technologies. Tigerspike has also featured in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 every year since 2007. The organization plans to continue to grow through developing ongoing partnerships with Fortune 1000 companies, and to continually innovate to remain on the cutting edge of enterprise mobility for the next 10 years and beyond.

Tigerspike Limited

New York, NY

Luke Janssen, Group CEO

Tigerspike builds user centric enterprise mobility software, and licenses their Phoenix platform to companies who want to transform their businesses through mobile