Timbergrove: Proactive EAM Solutions for Real-time Operational Visibility

Ian Uriarte, Founder & CEO
Ian Uriarte, CEO, Timbergrove, leads using the same principles that assist him in Krav Maga. An avid practitioner of this self-defense system, Uriarte understands the importance of strategy to gain “maximum effectiveness and efficiency” in his defense skills. Similarly, “In order to achieve operational excellence, you must focus on present goals, but also be innately strategic about each business area,” says Uriarte. This concept is a foundational principle for Timbergrove, a company that is revolutionizing the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) landscape through rich pragmatic solutions.

“Today’s enterprises are bogged down by lack of visibility into their physical assets, leading to a communication gap between IT and operations,” says Uriarte. Timbergrove leverages IBM Maximo to produce advanced visibility into an organization’s physical assets. Maximo’s integration framework enables the connection of data across siloed systems to provide real time actionable clues. “Our custom solutions streamline planned and unplanned maintenance by automating the requests for upgrade, preventive work and replacements,” expresses Uriarte. “This reduces nonproductive time and productivity-loss for our clients.”

Timbergrove combines Big Data and Predictive Analytics to help organizations monitor asset performance. Catering to businesses with massive quantities of data, Timbergrove’s solution said in preventive maintenance and quality–PMQ–as termed by IBM, through integrating thousands of data sources to find patterns. These patterns are aggregated with historical records to yield an asset health score, which produces a probability of failure within a given time frame. Action may then be taken before failure occurs. “Converting huge volumes of data into meaningful predictions improves production and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operation) costs,” remarks Uriarte.

Additionally, Timbergrove incorporates ‘condition-based monitoring’ to a handful of data points accumulated through sensors. “Some organizations are unable to handle large data volumes and need time to grow into PMQ,” describes Uriarte.
In these instances, Timbergrove introduces condition-based monitoring with EAM to execute automated work orders. Collaborative monitoring allows immediate response to any event affecting assets.

For smaller firms, Timbergrove offers SaaS EAM that can be easily configured and implemented. “Our SaaS solutions allow us to serve as the outsourced IT department,” affirms Uriarte.

Our Maximo solutions streamline planned and unplanned maintenance by automating the requests for upgrade, preventive work and replacements in real time

Timbergrove has served many illustrious clientele including IBM, Transocean, United Airlines, the Panama Canal Authority and Staples. One client example is that of an international distributor in need of visibility into inventory status at retail outlets. Timbergrove implemented Maximo for real-time inventory analysis of quantities and shipments, and provided a set of predictive analytics to identify how well the product moves based on real-time and historical data. A mobile solution allows promoters to perform random store checks and provides feedback to the inventory optimization system; this ensures that the system continues to learn from consumer behaviors and distributor patterns. “Our client was also able leverage this custom solution to launch a new set of offerings,” says Uriarte.

Such dexterity is an upshot of the company’s ability to stay relevant with the industry. “Our teams attend conferences year-round to keep abreast of trends, participate in discussions and obtain new certifications,” says Uriarte. Timbergrove maintains partnerships with IBM and Amazon, thereby ensuring the company’s presence in emerging markets, and aims to expand its opportunities in Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe.


Houston, TX

Ian Uriarte, Founder & CEO

A provider of vast range of, Maximo powered EAM solutions that furnish advanced visibility into organization’s physical assets.