Time Saver Technologies: Enabling Construction Companies to perk-up their Business and Planning Proc

Michael Smith, President & CEO
“The booming construction industry has a serious flaw,” says Michael Smith, CEO, Time Saver Technologies. “It can only react to issues, but doesn’t have the schedule management processes and tools to proactively plan for these issues,” he explains. Addressing these concerns with the aid of Microsoft solutions is Time Saver Technologies—a Pflugerville, TX, based company that provides software and services to the construction industry.

Time Saver technologies feels that most construction companies over-rely on the project managers to schedule a project while the project superintendents are tasked with managing the regular operations on the project site. These two processes are normally very disconnected and a tool that can integrate the activities of projects superintendents, subcontractors, and project managers into the company’s schedule management processes is the need of the hour. Time Saver Technologies leverage Microsoft solutions to meet this unique need. Using the company’s core offering—Construction Management 365 software, clients can utilize the underlying construction-scheduling schema and workflows to build, manage, update, and communicate their construction schedules in the cloud. “Our software’s workflows enable the construction schedule to produce a flow of work and a critical path that matches the superintendent’s gut instincts”, says Smith. This allows the superintendent to buy, own, and sell the project schedule to the entire project team.

For an elaborate understanding of the efficiency of Construction Management 365, consider the example of BRATH General Contractors’ association with Time Saver Technologies. BRATH’s construction project teams had various difficulties without the presence of a tool to prioritize issues around their projects. This lack of coordination was taking a toll on team’s time and finances, resulting in loss of productivity. In addition, there was disconnect between project superintendent and project manager as both drove the project in different direction. The project manager was not able to keep the material procurement process and the product submittals in sync with the project’s pace. They needed a tool that will enable them to gain control of the project. Using Time saver Technologies construction management office 365 software, BRATH General Contractors was able to increase efficiency in managing a project by giving the superintendent the ability to identify an accurate schedule in coordination with the project team.

Our software-as-a-service solution enables small to medium sized construction companies to implement a cost effective project management and schedule management solution

The project manager and superintendent were able to collaborate about the project schedule online. The superintendent got real time commitments from the subcontractors by publishing the project schedule to Construction Management 365, thus increasing efficiency.

Time Saver understands a customer’s business processes and simplifies the customization of Microsoft Office 365 into a tool that fits into their existing business processes. The company uses Autodesk Navisworks, a software that provides flexible development podium for specialized viewing and analysis of large projects, to offer coordination amalgamation and organization of the 3D designs that eases collaboration and sharing of project information. Time Saver also creates 4D models by adding scheduling information that makes the most efficient schedule possible with real time visualization, sequence animations and offers complete drafting service in 2D and 3D with a broad variety of experience in mechanical, plumbing, structural, commercial, and residential. “Our cloud based software-as-a-service solution has enabled small to medium sized construction companies to implement a cost effective project management and schedule management solution, which differentiates Time Saver Technologies from the rest,” adds Smith.

Going forward, Time Saver Technology will continue to develop software and services that stays up to date, with the needs of the construction industry. “We will carry on enabling construction companies to improve their business and planning processes,” concludes Smith.

Time Saver Technologies

Texas, U.S.

Michael Smith, President & CEO

Provides software and services to the construction industry that enables customers to proactively and efficiently manage the issues for critical project impact