TimeClock Plus: Managing Employee Hours through Integrated Technology

Scott Turner, VP of Marketing & Quality Assurance
Positive technology investments are increasingly enabling educational organizations to improve the present educating delivery model. Beyond this basic premise, the shift toward a cloudbased delivery model for enterprise-level software applications, the increasing use of advanced biometric and RFID technology in schools, and the rapidly expanding adoption of mobile devices for front-facing enterprise software users are the three primary technologies trending in the industry. In such a scenario, educational institutes still face challenges related to Fair Labour Standards Act (FLSA) and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) compliance, and integration of siloed systems; such as HR, Finance, Payroll, and ERP systems, as well as the need to account for the complexity of industry-specific pay rules. At this juncture, TimeClock Plus’ dashboarddriven workforce insights, which enable organizations to manage their employees’ time and organization’s policies, escalate it to the top of the food chain in the space.

TimeClock Plus furnishes time and attendance software to clients of any size, in any industry category. The company streamlines the payroll process and manages the hourly work of an employee. The integration to more than 400 HR, Finance, Payroll, and ERP systems, (developed by TimeClock Plus) allows organizations to simplify payroll management by employee labor tracking, calculating employees’ timely work hours, and controlling and reporting employee labor in real-time. “We allow customers to track time, save money and prevent stressful attendance management issues,” asserts Scott Turner, Vice President of Marketing and Quality Assurance at TimeClock Plus.

With the company’s TimeClock Plus v7 application, schools benefit from the speed and flexibility of browser-based, cloud or on-premise implementations of an Enterprise-level Workforce Management System that has the latest advances in biometric and RFID technology on userfriendly time clocks with large touch screens and simple yet robust self-service functions. For unparalleled flexibility and intuitive ease, TimeClock Plusv7 allows employees to perform timekeeping functions from their mobile devices, and managers to leverage their phones and tablets for workforce management and reporting on the go.

We allow customers to track time, save money, and prevent stressful attendance management issues

TimeClock Plus v7 also includes an administrative application called TimeClock Manager, which offers a powerful and flexible reporting engine, an interactive, graphical dashboard with customizable widgets, and a live, real-time Employee Status feature. These features offer managers proactive labor controls designed to save organizations time and money.

TimeClock Plus keeps competition at bay through its unmatched reputation after 27 years providing time and attendance solutions. Recently, TimeClock Plus has become the premier solution for time and attendance and workforce management in the Education arena. As a result, a number of colleges, universities, technical schools, trade schools, and public and private K-12 schools trust the industry experience of the TimeClock Plus team. Recently, the firm helped one of its clients, Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, TX. “Our team worked with the SFASU team to implement an enterprise-level workforce management solution, and streamline and improve the overall payroll process,” says Turner. Prior to the implementation, SFASU payroll was labor intensive, inaccurate, and bore a significant compliance risk. The TimeClock Plus implementation transformed a paper-driven, exceptionbased, largely manual payroll process to an automated, efficient, and proactive one.

In the days to come, TimeClock Plus will identify specific needs to help clients automate their important time and attendance requirements. Employees will be able to clock in and out through card swipe clocks, hand scanners, or whichever device fits the particular needs. Turner concludes, “Our product management, development, and executive teams are dedicated to one common goal: to make our product and company the very best in the markets we serve.”

TimeClock Plus

San Angelo, TX

Scott Turner, VP of Marketing & Quality Assurance

TimeClock Plus allows customers to track time, saves money, and prevents stressful attendance management issues.