TimeTap: Delivering Care on Time

Addy Kapur, Founder & CEO
Timely access to healthcare services is the key to better medical outcomes and patient satisfaction. In the real world, however, scheduling an appointment with a doctor for medical service often becomes tedious. As appointments are booked based on various criteria including a doctor’s availability in a pre-set time window and the access to dedicated equipment and machinery, it gets quite cumbersome for clinics and healthcare providers to manage the ebb and flow of patient visits. Care providers need a technology solution that can ensure smooth workflow and enhanced experiences. An online appointment scheduling solution provider, TimeTap is helping doctors, care providers, and healthcare facilities to proactively manage appointment scheduling process and improve care delivery. TimeTap improves workflow, reduces crowding in waiting rooms, and allows health systems to align with patient and provider preferences. The solution provides calendars, location lists, and time slots to help users schedule appointments, anytime from anywhere on mobile devices.

With TimeTap, doctors and medical institutions can sign up online to setup an account and input relevant information, including their specialization, the services offered, timings, and their practice locations. Besides, the solution provides information on the working hours of the doctors and the availability of time slots. TimeTap also keeps patients updated about the time required for a particular healthcare service, along with its approximate cost, helping patients make precise decisions according to their preferences. A patient can book an appointment with a doctor online, and once the appointment is booked, both the providers and patients get an email. They also get reminders in the form of text messages before the scheduled appointment.

What differentiates TimeTap from others is their ability to provide booking facility across multi-time zones and their flexibility to handle a large number of patients. “Built with a unique feature where users can confirm or cancel their scheduled appointments, TimeTap eliminates scheduling conflicts,” says Addy Kapur, Founder and CEO, TimeTap.

Built with a unique feature where users can confirm or cancel their scheduled appointments, TimeTap eliminates scheduling conflicts

Those patients who are unable to schedule appointments are put on a waiting list. If any scheduled appointment is cancelled, the stakeholders—doctors, admins, and patients—are notified by an email and a message, including those patients on the waitlist who can see the movement of the list. This helps in keeping a track of the scheduled appointments without any confusion. Service providers are notified on all changes that helps them to keep a track of a patient’s visit data. Recall notification is sent to a patient, if necessary, to come for a routine checkup.

As a virtual assistant and with an intuitive design TimeTap gives users the benefit of scheduling 24/7. One of their clients, a government organization had arranged flu shot event but faced uneven and extreme footfalls during peak hours of the days, creating chaos. TimeTap enabled them schedule bookings online with the incoming crowd, helping them get evenly spread footfalls throughout the day.

Having won the trust of many care providers and healthcare facilities, TimeTap has witnessed an exponential growth in the last two years. The company is taking the momentum forward by focusing on compliance while making the solution more efficient and user-friendly. With customers in the U.S. and Australia they are working hard to mark their presence across global markets even as they build their own data centers in overseas locations to store local data to ensure better compliance. “The eagerness to solving the problems of our clients keeps us motivated,” ends Kapur.


Charlotte, NC

Addy Kapur, Founder & CEO

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