Tintri: Simply Scale in Any Direction

Ken Klein, CEO and Chairman
The percentage of virtualized workloads has increased from 2 percent to more than 75 percent. The amount spent on private cloud has grown 10x. The time in which new applications are being deployed has been halved. And so you’re constantly on your toes, and constantly tasked with scaling in one (or more) of four directions: compute, hypervisor, storage and applications. Tintri + Cisco is the only combination that can help you scale simply.

Tintri has earned a perfect 5-star rating in the Cisco marketplace and a 94 point Net Promoter Score because the joint Tintri + Cisco solution delivers unmatched simplicity and scalability

“Cisco and Tintri share a common vision on application-centric infrastructure,” says Ken Klein, CEO and Chairman at Tintri. “Both Cisco UCS and Tintri storage have been designed with virtualization in mind. Joint Cisco and Tintri solutions provide a high-performance compute, network, and storage platform required to make virtualized applications run better and substantially lower CAPEX and OPEX for virtualized environments and cloud deployments.”

Hundreds of companies have already trusted hundreds of thousands of workloads to Tintri + Cisco, earning Tintri a perfect 5-star rating in the Cisco marketplace. Customers have been quick to point out the benefits of the Tintri + Cisco solution:

• Scalability: “Cisco UCS + Tintri storage gives us scalable, high performing infrastructure supporting our VDI workload. It has been a winning combination and has allowed us to aggressively grow our VDI deployment.” Justin Bliesmer, GuideOne Insurance.

• Simplicity: “The Tintri VMstore plus UCS Mini makes a great Private Cloud environment for customers. Super simple to configure Day 1 and even easier to manage Day 2. Great VM-level analytics into VM performance and very scalable Private Cloud with expanding UCS Mini chassis to 2 per domain.” Matt Tehonica, Peak 10.
• Visibility: “Having used a lot of different storage on our Test/Dev systems, Tintri has been a breath of fresh air. Not only is it amazingly simple to setup and manage, it takes the complexity and anxiety out of virtual machine storage. It’s easy to see issues and fix them early. Tintri and UCS is an awesome combination.” Firoze Bhorat, Derivco.

Here’s more specifically how Tintri + Cisco helps these companies simply scale in any direction:

• Compute: Cisco UCS fabric shares traffic and resources while scaling to hundreds of servers. And use a single web-based tool to manage your growing Cisco UCS footprint.

• Hypervisor: Tintri VMstore and Cisco UCS support multiple hypervisors—meaning you can run different workloads, across vSphere, Hyper-V, RHEV and OpenStack on a single array and blade chassis. You no longer have to purchase separate nodes for separate hypervisors; you can add an additional hypervisor when needed, without having to add more hardware.

• Storage: When you need storage, add storage. Specifically, add the only storage designed for virtualized environments. Leave behind LUNs and volumes in favor of managing what matters—individual virtual machines.

• Applications: To thrive and grow, your organization needs the agility to deploy new applications—that’s what drives value for the business and your end users. Tintri + Cisco have been used in combination to support every major use case—Virtual Desktops, Server Virtualization, Private Cloud and even Software Development.

And should you ever need support, Tintri and Cisco have a formal Global Support Agreement. Cisco handles all tier one support, and clear processes streamline escalations (when necessary).

Tintri + Cisco offers a different approach to scale. You can scale in any direction, at any time. Add best-in-class compute or storage only when you need it. Manage hundreds of different workloads across multiple hypervisors without adding unnecessary hardware. Your data center is on the move, and only Tintri + Cisco can offer you smooth scaling.


Mountain View, CA

Ken Klein, CEO and Chairman

Tintri challenges the storage quo with a system built specifically for virtualized and cloud environments.

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