Titan DMS: Reinventing Dealer Management Solutions

Matthew Kroll, Managing Director
As the need for a flexible and user friendly Dealership Management System continues to exist, solution providers are using every trick in the book to meet the requirements. Titan DMS under the guidance of Matthew Kroll delivers the needed next generation DMS to automotive dealerships on a global scale. A key differentiator of the firm is its ‘all inclusive solution,’ which unlike others, comes in a complete package including Customer Relationship Management, General Ledger, Parts, Service, Vehicle Showroom, and Pre-delivery Control.

Titan provides a complete solution to satisfy the application and data management needs of dealerships by integrating closely with manufacturers and deliver data feeds such as vehicle pricing and specification guides.
The highly scalable product caters to both small and large dealer groups. Furthermore, its cloud based intelligent and automated CRM coupled with the patented Automated Accounting Engine provides consistent accounting methods across an entire dealer group.

Various companies around the world are leveraging Titan DMS. The solution has effectively reduced the IT spending, as the need for a large powerful server to run DMS in-house has been eliminated. “I can now sleep soundly knowing that my entire database is stored offsite in a secure data warehouse–this is the future,” says Dean Owen, Dealer Principal, Owen Toyota, a satisfied client of Titan DMS. After setting up offices and expanding its connections hroughout South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and the United Kingdom and extending its global reach, the company intends to continue increasing the functionality, robustness, scalability and usability of the product, thereby meeting the market demands.

Titan DMS

Kippa-Ring QLD, Australia

Matthew Kroll, Managing Director

Titan DMS develops, maintains and supports a next generation Dealer Management System to Automotive Dealerships around the world.