To-Increase: Driving Manufacturers Business Transformation

Cornelis Bosch, CEO
Manufacturers engage in a highly complex endeavor. They aim to develop valuable, competitive products, economically source materials and components, engage with the best suppliers and trading partners, and meet customerneeds. Most software providers support a subset of what makes these businesses succeed. To-Increase deliversa complete portfolio of industry-specific functionality together with business process management and systems integration resources. Cornelis Bosch, CEO at To-Increase, explains, “Discrete manufacturing is dramatically underserved by the software industry. To-Increase enables discrete manufacturers with software tools that let themtake full control of their fortunes and operate as productively as they can. That includes helping them optimize their processes and fully connect their people, systems, and activities.”

Connected, End-to-End Software Tools Bosch and his leadership team come from a background of many years in the software and manufacturing industries. “We share a deep concern about the health of manufacturing companies,” says Bosch. “It’s no longer acceptable to burden businesses with software systems that force them to change the way they think and work, or that impose needless restrictions on people. Our software design centers on the real roles and accountabilities of the individuals working with technology.”

The entire To-Increase software suite for discrete manufacturers comprises three main components:
Industry-specific manufacturing software helps companies run lean business processes andperform profit margin control, complete product lifecycle management, and effective project management.

In addition, business integration software tools help manufacturers make more strategic use of their technology investments by connecting their systems and resources, and by delivering business data as people need it.

Finally, business process management software gives manufacturers a powerful resource to model and improve the business processes at the core of their complex operation.
Innovative Vision, Global Reach

“We are always enhancing our manufacturing solutions to help customers thrive through changes and challenges,” says Bosch. “We enable people in any role to achieve their best productivity, no matter where they are and what device they use. We also ensure that business information proves its worth in planning and decision-making, and that teams can easily collaborate to reach shared goals.”

To-Increase, which has over 1,600 customers worldwide, markets its solutions through a global network of more than 300 technology partners with strong industry expertise. The company also maintains close relationships with leading providers of product lifecycle management systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and other technologies manufacturers use.

To-Increase enables discrete manufacturers with software tools that let them take full control of their fortunes and operate as productively as they can

Customers typically engage To-Increase when they have exhausted the limits of their business software, want to eliminate inefficiencies, or reach a stage of maturity that calls for more advanced tools.“Some manufacturers approach us to address a very specific need,” says Bosch. “They may want to manage engineering change requests without eroding margins, or they wish to shorten their lead times. We help them meet those requirements and, when they want to add broader manufacturing, integration, or process management functionality, we are there for them. On the other hand, if their strategy leads them to an all-encompassing business transformation or they want to become a lean manufacturing operation, we help them achieve those goals.”


Veenendaal, NL

Cornelis Bosch, CEO

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