Toffler Associates: A Vivid Understanding of the Future Operating Environment

Deborah Westphal, Managing Partner
Everyday changes in the aerospace market are disrupting organizations and revolutionizing the industry. It is therefore necessary to understand what is driving the market and how these ever-growing changes are affecting businesses. To help organizations create their successful futures, Toffler Associates, a strategic advisory firm located in Reston, VA, assists private and public companies navigate successfully through the times of accelerating change.

Founded in 1997 by Alvin and Heidi Toffler, the firm guides its customers to adapt and take advantage of the rapidly evolving environment. For more than 40 years, the Toffler’s profoundly shaped the thinking of business, government and world leaders by exploring the future and its implications for today’s decisions. Their efforts form ideas and principles that backbone the operational functioning of their firm.

The advisory firm works with businesses facing tough competition in the market and prepares them to successfully embrace transitions in a rapidly changing global market place. Toffler Associates works with public-sector clients, such as federal agencies, the intelligence community, and defense institutions, to develop and implement ways for using resources more effectively. They work with private-sector clients, like those in the transportation, aerospace, chemical, advanced materials, information technology and defense markets, helping them execute strategies that drive top-line growth.

Deborah Westphal, the current Managing Partner of Toffler Associates says, “The foundation of our firm’s services is to future-proof our clients by helping them adjust to the changes they are facing. We provide them with a vivid understanding of their future operating environment along with the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.” She adds, “Everybody talks about the information age, but we are getting to the core of what it really means for organizations and what they will need to do to be successful in this very different time.”
Unlike the past where the main concerns were to collect data about the market and customers, companies now are struggling to apply relevant data to successfully grow. This is why Toffler Associates sees traction in the information industry as it accelerates the growth of all the other markets.

The last two decades have witnessed an explosion of information and information technologies within the aerospace and defense sectors; from unmanned vehicles, networks, and sensors, and this continues to grow in volume and velocity. The company caters to their aerospace clients by planning for the future while transforming internal structures and behaviors today to become more adaptable and agile to capture opportunities being presented. Mike Bergen, Senior Associate at Toffler, expresses, “We have given several government and commercial aerospace companies the strategy and execution plan for transforming themselves into adaptable organizations.”

In order to position at the top level of global aviation competitors, the Civil Aviation Authority and Transportation Ministry of a key Asian nation approached Toffler Associates. The advisory firm began the project by mining recent research on passenger numbers, cargo flows, and a range of airline and travel trends. Toffler Associates spotted that the major problem faced by the nation was in ensuring the relevance of its airports, airlines, and air-travel-related service industries in the coming years as aviation routes and channels changed. Toffler Associates then developed a custom strategy for the nation’s government and aviation industries by outlining a series of detailed scenarios and identifying what actions (investments, R&D, business moves, and policy changes) would produce desired results in each. The company’s unique scenario development technique and their use of the scenarios to inform strategy took the client’s planning to a higher level.

Curiosity, energy and the passion for adapting to changes will continue influencing Toffler Associates and the firm plans to stick to its core strategies for the coming years.

Toffler Associates

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Deborah Westphal, Managing Partner

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