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CIO VendorMichael Reuben, Ph.D. President and CEO
With the rapid move to cloud services in all sectors of the economy, IT professionals who do not offer a cloud services solution will lose market share to their competitors who do. Unfortunately, the cost of infrastructure and the development of a competitive cloud solution in house are beyond the means and often the technical expertise of many IT professionals. To compete they need the support of a trusted ally with a true channel only solution priced at a level that gives value to their clients and still provides the reseller an excellent profit.

Coming to the aid of such companies is TOGL, LLC, a cloud service provider that sells exclusivelyto the channel. “We provide a full cloud services package for our resellers which include hosting their clients on our datacenter The mobile work force, multi-office businesses, security and compliance concerns, access to company data from any location infrastructure and providing a unique web based interface for access to their applications and data,” says Current CEO / President Michael Reuben, Ph.D.. TOGL also provides excellent training for its affiliates in finding and closing cloud sales and world-class support to keep their infrastructure working at peak performance. It offers a white labeled solution which leaves the primary care of the clients to its affiliate partners unless they ask for assistance in which case TOGL will provide competitively priced consulting services to support its affiliate’s clients.

TOGL’s target market consists of IT professionals who provide services to the SMB market. “Our highly acclaimed channel program has driven our sales growth over 160 percent in 2013.
on any device are a few of the factors driving cloud sales” says Michael. He goes onto add, “Our solution provides the necessary platform and expertise for the IT professional to move quickly into the competitive and rapidly growing cloud services space.”

Our solution provides the necessary platform and expertise for the IT professional to move quickly into the competitive and rapidly growing cloud services space

In addition to our TOGL Cloud services, we are the top national distributor for Cyberoam firewalls and security devices. TOGL was founded by 17 successful managed service providers who had a vision to make their expertise in cloud services available to their peers. The result is a unique company that truly understands the IT professional’s challenges moving into a new market space and provides the in depth support needed to make that transition work for their partners. The firm’s OS33 based platform provides a single pane of glass for client applications and data access, while simplifying administration of users and applications. The firm is dedicated to constantly improving their products and services to help its affiliate partners stay ahead of their competition and keep their client’s satisfied with their move to the cloud.


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Michael Reuben, Ph.D. President and CEO

A provider of channel friendly cloud solutions for MSPs, Solution Providers, and Resellers