Toolagen: Formulating Cutting Edge Microsoft SharePoint Solutions

Amar Galla, Founder & CEO
A person is only as good as the tools he has. “I see technology as a great tool to achieve and realize dreams to strive for the impossible,” says Amar Galla, Founder and CEO of Toolagen. To offer technically superior tools along with a range of services, which are simple to use for everyone and empower business, led the formation of Toolagen. “Simplicity is at the essence of everything, and we are a Microsoft ‘SharePoint Simplified’ company delivering cutting edge solutions and superior services to clients globally,” he says.

“Our ability to uniquely see complex problems and produce ‘simple easy to use’ solutions have helped businesses quickly drive adoption to IT solutions and increase their operational and decision making capabilities,” points out Galla. Toolagen’s pre-made solution packages accelerate customized business solutions, thus reducing costs and ensuring timely delivery. From intranets, extranets, website, collaboration and publishing portals to line of business systems, “we have pre-made solutions for specific scenarios to quickly customize and enhance based on customer requirements,” he says. As one of the early adopters of Agile/Scrum methodology, Toolagen believes in delivering focused business solutions in quick iterations. This allows clients to see quick results from these, thus enabling them to tailor the solution to their exact business needs to get better ROI from their SharePoint projects.

For instance, a large British based Agri-enterprise client was in a process of upgrading their out-dated intranet with a new SharePoint 2013 based intranet. “We helped the organization deliver this complex and time critical project by working very closely with them and leveraging our Scrum based process for timely delivery,” explains Galla. Toolagen’s solutions enabled the Agri-enterprise to re-engage their 5000+ user base in a much more direct and personal level thus providing multi-faceted benefits to the organization.
“Our user focused environment ‘where every decision is challenged’ from the viewpoint of the client makes sure that we consistently deliver great results,” illustrates Galla.

Over the years, Toolagen has delivered top-notch services and support to its clients on all SharePoint & Office 365 platforms. Taking cues from t he insights gathered after listening to their pain points and issues, Toolagen has built innovative solutions to help the user experience. “We have a very useful product called Office 365 Business Pack. This enables new and existing Office 365 users’ utilize the platform to its full potential. We have seen loads of customers who have migrated to Office 365 and are just using it as an alternative to a file share. Our Business Pack enables them to access a whole range of business apps which makes Office 365 a cornerstone of their business operations,” he says.

Meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations with respect to quality and value

For now, Toolagen plans to keep its core specialization around SharePoint and Office 365 and have started to support Azure applications integrated with Office 365, and strengthening their core expertise with the upcoming release of SharePoint 2016.

“This is our next big step. Toolagen’s pre made Frameworks and Products will deliver a fully standards compliant, branded and customized intranet, extranet and website at a fraction of time and cost. Along with it, our specialized support and consulting services will help businesses break the standard norms and get the maximum value from their investments by relying on Toolagen,” he concludes.


Redhill, United Kingdom

Amar Galla, Founder & CEO

Toolagen’s pre made Frameworks and Products will deliver a fully standards compliant, branded and customized intranet, extranet and website at a fraction of time and cost.