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Modern education is headed for the digital race with the introduction of tablets and laptops in schools and universities. This has revolutionized the traditional classroom by giving rise to a digitized curriculum with technologies like cloud computing being infused into education. “Educational institutions are scrambling to come up with a comprehensive policy for managing and securing the devices and applications that they deploy,” comments Dean Wiech, Managing Director-Eastern US, Mexico, Eastern Canada, and the Caribbean, Tools4ever. Aiming to reduce the manual work done by an IT Staff, Tools4ever provides comprehensive solutions and services that allow schools, colleges and universities to automate management of user and computer accounts within a network. Significantly, Tools4ever caters to the Identity and Access Management (IDM/IAM) market by providing consultancy services that offer customized configurations for user management systems.

Our consulting team has decades of experience in implementing IAM solutions and we provide the best practical solutions based on the hundreds of installations we have completed

Tools4ever’s flagship solution is based around the IAM space. “Our IAM application takes information from an HR or a Student Information System and uses it to create, manage, and control accounts in Active Directory, Google or Skyward, along with other modules such as e-learning, and library systems,” explains Wiech. The IAM solutions’ flexible capabilities enable easy creation or deletion of student profiles depending on a student’s entry or exit. The software accurately updates or deletes accounts from the entire school’s database, thus saving time and manual work, and allowing for a quick ROI. Tools4ever also promotes a secure and authenticated access through its Self Service Reset Password Manger (SSRPM). The solution allows faculty, staff and students to reset their network password without having to contact the network administrator. The first time a user logs into the network, they are prompted to enroll through a series of questions. In case the user forgets the password, he/she answers the previously framed questions and SSRPM automatically resets their password.
Dean Wiech, MD-Eastern US, Mexico, Eastern Canada
“In many cases, we synchronize the password to other systems, such as Google apps to reduce the number of credentials a user needs to remember,” adds Wiech.

With over a decade of experience in the IAM space, Tools4ever also offers consulting solutions through their software support and professional consultant services department. After determining the customer requirements, an experienced consultant configures the IAM solution and performs a series of tests to insure accuracy with the client’s environment before being turned on live. “Our consulting team has decades of experience in implementing IAM solutions and we provide the best practical solutions based on the hundreds of installations we have completed,” articulates Wiech. The company’s expertise can be ascertained from one of its clients— Marywood University, a privately held Liberal Arts school based in Pennsylvania. Marywood has an ERP system in place for its digital curriculum and each semester the IT department would spend countless hours manually provisioning new student accounts in each system. Often, the process was delayed even after the semester started, leaving students waiting for their accounts to be provisioned. With Tools4ever’s IAM solutions, Marywood was able to fully automate its account management activities wherein their entire student management system was updated rapidly depending upon the admissions.

Tools4ever is currently working on a new addition to its educational software space—a web-based single sign-on application. It allows the user to access all modules—library system, e-learning and others—listed under his/her profile, removing the need to provide credentials for each module. “Tools4ever will continue to add more connectors from IAM to other systems and help clients to alleviate the challenges they face in their network and user management processes,” concludes Wiech.


Lynbrook, NY & Bonney Lake, WA

Dean Wiech, MD-Eastern US, Mexico, Eastern Canada and Tom Mowatt, MD – Central & Western North America, Australia, & New Zealand

Provides comprehensive solutions and services that allow K-12 schools to automate the management of their student information systems.

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