TOOQ: Integrating Online and Offline Data Measurement Technologies

Ronaldo Moura, Founder & CEO
Every business needs a proactive strategy that considers all stages of customer experience, anticipates problems, and maximizes opportunities to improve their sales cycle. To analyze customer journeys beforehand and formulate an assertive sales strategy, businesses, especially in the manufacturing and retail sector, need the right information at the ideal time.

TOOQ, focused on the integration of online and offline data measurement technologies, offers a repository of information that help businesses drive significant value and revolutionize their customers’ experience. Its digital solutions enable offline corporations to gain metrics, just like their online counterparts, removing the boundaries between online and offline businesses. These metrics facilitate decision-making for customer acquisition, marketing, and commercial investments while increasing the productivity of their business.

TOOQ’s solution uses the databases from the local CCTV infrastructure—used by businesses and supermarkets for operational and security reasons—to monitor its customers in real-time throughout their shopping journey. Leveraging these camera images, its solution generates metrics and indicators that allow clients to build an assertive sales strategy by anticipating problems, identifying opportunities, and analyzing sales.

“Primarily focused on the supermarket, we analyze the behavior of the customers inside the store. Our goal is to find out the problems that consumers face while shopping and gain visibility into how they spend their money,” says Ronaldo Moura, founder and CEO, TOOQ.

Its AI-powered solution measures stores’ performance based on different KPIs like engagement by area, behavior, visitor rate, and queue control conversion rate. After entering the store, numerous influences can facilitate or discourage shopper conversions. These behavior indicators help store owners identify influences and adopt the right conversion strategies.

The busiest areas of a store need not be the ones that generate the most sales. Collecting and analyzing the data of engagement by area raises the chances of conversion. Clients can obtain the ratio of visitors to a given site by the number of people who stayed in that area long enough to consider a purchase. Understanding how the consumer behaves in each location, they can upgrade their trading strategy.
TOOQ also helps clients understand how many new people enter their store and learn how to work with various influences to convert them into buyers. The fundamental indicator (the number of sales multiplied by the total customers visited) provides subjectivity and evaluates the performance of the store based on real information. Its solution also provides the data of customers who have returned to the store, allowing clients to mark these numbers with sales history and behavior to invest in loyalty strategies.

Using these KPIs, TOOQ helps clients increase efficiency rates in face-to-face sales while maximizing opportunities. The proper mapping of consumer behavior throughout supports in reducing losses during the purchase. For example, using TOOQ’s solution, a client realized that when their sales reps assisted consumers and offered more options, conversions increased by 60 percent. TOOQ’s solution helped another client discover how their single-floor store generates more revenue than the double-story and accordingly change their strategy.

Our goal is to find out the problems that consumers face while shopping and gain visibility into how they spend their money

Keeping the success streak alive, TOOQ recently closed a contract with NilsenIQ, an appendix of the project it completed for corporate giants Ambev and BASF (Suvinil). The scope of the project was the analysis of gongula and not of the people.

Complete offline store analyses, is important for industries, and has the ability to evaluate product placement indicators, planogram compliance analysis, shelf breaks, prices and even the consumer's interaction time with the product. “Considering that most of the customers that we have are prominent data players for the industry, we emphasis on trade strategy as one of the key elements in our approach as well,” explains Moura.

Driving great value for many clients through pre-checkout information, which is the key to increasing sales, TOOQ continues to help businesses create more sales opportunities and reduce losses with a better understanding of consumers’ buying behavior.


Guarulhos, Brazil

Ronaldo Moura, Founder & CEO

TOOQ offers a bank of information that help businesses drive significant value to revolutionize their customer’s experience. The company enables offline corporations to have metrics just like online businesses with its digital solutions, removing the boundaries between online and offline businesses