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Ronn Breaux President & CEO
When Ronn Breaux, President and CEO of TOP Step Consulting, implemented the professional service automation tool OpenAir in his former company, little did he realize its significance on his career trajectory. Ronn was the first employee of TOP Step Consulting not long afterwards. “It was exactly a week after joining TOP Step that NetSuite bought OpenAir and changed the face of the tool in the market,” he recalls. Around the same time, large enterprises and professional services organizations began to rely on OpenAir for resource and project management. It was 12 years ago that TOP Step consulting began its journey with a mission to empower professional services organizations to become efficient and profitable using NetSuite OpenAir. As the company scaled new heights, Breaux’s career took an interesting turn in 2018 when he became the proud owner of TOP Step and took over as the CEO.

“We’re the only consultancy across the globe that is focused on OpenAir,” states Breaux. “In fact, we’re the “go to” OpenAir people even within NetSuite. This is the result of a pure focus on providing OpenAir services for over a decade and have built our reputation from the same.” TOP Step achieved an important milestone as it expanded its partnership with NetSuite, giving the company the edge to focus on OpenAir as a product, along with OpenAir-specialized services. Besides working with the sales team at NetSuite, the partnership has opened the doors for TOP Step to emerge as a one-stop shop for NetSuite licensing and OpenAir consulting services.

A striking feature of TOP Step is the workshop model that they employ to understand the client’s business processes and needs. Upon identifying the gaps in functionality between a customer’s requirements and what the platform offers, TOP Step prescribes the OpenAir platform. If an upgrade is mandatory, TOP Step delivers a series of recommendations before aligning the PSA tools as per the client’s business needs.

We’re the only consultancy across the globe that is focused on OpenAir

Oftentimes in business scenarios, when OpenAir is positioned in the middle of a CRM and a financial system, the platform is required to function as a professional services automation software for project management and resource management. TOP Step understands the systems that OpenAir needs to communicate with, and the data flow between them. They create a path for smooth flow of data between the three systems while complying with business processes.

TOP Step’s other highlights include their comprehensive hiring process in the formation of a diligent and empathetic team. The team comprises of only senior-level members that have held jobs in the industry similar to their existing customers. With a better understanding of what the client does, coupled with their expertise, the team is able to provide solutions and services with better success rates, thereby increasing TOP Step’s credibility and reputation as a consultancy. “Customer support is at the forefront of what we do which is why many of our clients describe us as an organization that is 99 percent referenceable,” mentions Breaux. Backed by a helpdesk team dedicated to resolving queries, communicating and keeping a track of the customer requests, the TOP Step team ensures that they stay connected with their customers to maintain a positive and lasting relationship.

As a new NetSuite Solution Provider, the company plans to launch a calling campaign to attract new customers and identify further prospects specific to OpenAir for software sales and services. The year ahead will see the evolution of the company from being a purely service-based organization, to one that provides sales and services with a focus on being more proactive in solving the industries problems with a full one-stop solution.

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Ronn Breaux President & CEO

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