TopDevz: Crafting Customer Success

Ashkan Rajaee, CEO As the CEO and founder of TopDevz, Ashkan Rajaee keeps very busy. With each client having a unique need, Rajaee has found a consistent and scalable business model that is unique in the industry. Putting the customer first and having an entire senior-only workforce from U.S. and Canada to deliver its services at an affordable price. “When comparing apples to apples in a broader picture, senior-only onshore talent does exceptionally better than offshore teams. Fostering efficient communication, reduced software development iterations, and a dynamic culture that breeds healthy competition.” As the development team is available locally in the onshore model, there is no clash of time zones, leading to greater collaboration between the client and the developers. With a team of dedicated designers, software engineers, and QA testers, TopDevz employs software development lifecycle best practices to build custom solutions with the highest quality standards. For clients who wish to invest in mobile technologies, TopDevz helps them build feature-rich mobile solutions that enhance user experience and engagement at an affordable price.

TopDevz Secret Sauce

TopDevz is driven by three core principles: people, proposition, and performance. “Everything we do falls into these three guiding principles,” says Rajaee.

People – A unique focus on hiring the best talent to build a strong team of developers, designers, product managers (PM’s) and quality analysts (QA’s) by employing a proprietary live coding interview that tests skills sets, personality profile and special interests. Prior to employment verification and review of existing code, repositories are examined as a final step in the vigorous vetting process. When onboard, TopDevz’s senior resources have proven to need far less hand-holding and babysitting on projects—creating instant value for clients.

Proposition – 100 percent U.S. and Canada based senior team at an affordable price. Monthly agreements that are staffed within 1-2 weeks through a hand-selected process. Excellent communication skills and fixed-price bids for projects with well-defined requirements.

Performance – Consistent weekly written status report process to all project stakeholders showing detailed work performed the previous week and work to be performed in the upcoming week.

We are covering the hardest challenges clients’ face, from getting the best people in local time zones quickly to measuring their performance in real time

Also any issues or concerns are documented with a proposed solution in that status report. In addition, peer code reviews are conducted and a weekly executive review of each project is conducted internally at no cost to clients. Lastly, a well-defined escalation process if and when an issue is discovered.

The deep bench at the company guarantees clients’ tight deadlines are responded to, positively. “Our developers are known for quick project onboarding and efficient coding regardless of the complexity of the project. That’s a huge benefit of a senior-only team,” says Rajaee.

Focused on delivering operational excellence, TopDevz assigns a dedicated engagement manager for each project to oversee the entire client engagement journey. Having complete knowledge of the client’s operations and policies, the engagement manager takes a proactive stance toward the completion of the project, which lessens the burden of the clients. Adding value to the engagement, TopDevz bills down to 15 minutes, allowing clients to keep track of the work carried out by the TopDevz team accurately. “To sum up, we are covering the hardest challenges clients’ face, from getting the best people in local time zones quickly to measuring their performance in real time,” says Rajaee.

Staff Augmentation or Project-Based

Another unique aspect of TopDevz is that they can develop great software for clients, regardless of the type of engagement. While some clients need assistance right from the beginning of their software development process, some have the design ready and only need implementation resources. What is more, TopDevz excels as the force multiplier, helping clients with expert staff to support complex and sophisticated projects. Based on client requirements, TopDevz can deliver full project-based solutions as well as staff augmentation services. The expert TopDevz team can also lead the clients' internal teams in case they do not have the required skillsets in-house. At TopDevz, “We work on monthly agreements and projects are staffed very quickly. We are talking within a couple of weeks.
This means clients get access to highly flexible and scalable resources, based on their evolving needs,” says Rajaee.

Augmenting their value proposition, TopDevz conducts standard peer code reviews to ensure that the performance delivered is up to the mark. “We allow other peers to evaluate code as part of their preemptive strategy to avoid costly software update processes at later stages. It is this unique ‘checks and balances’ approach that ensures the highest level of throughput from our consultants,” highlights Rajaee. With a smooth and streamlined onboarding process for clients, the company uses a set of preconfigured infrastructure management tools like Atlassian Suites to ensure successful project delivery.

Proud Rajaee mentions of his highly motivated workforce. “Our overhead for getting these senior folks is next to nothing. Having a senior-only team creates a positive and collaborative culture that money can’t buy. Great developers know other great developers and our inbound referrals majorly reduce costs. We pass these savings onto our clients. This culture, quality, and price point is what our clients gain access to and ultimately benefit from.”

Making Customer Relationships Strong

The idea of TopDevz struck Rajaee’s mind while he was a partner at a different consulting firm. He pioneered processes and engagements models that converted a $5 million company to an over $54 million enterprise in just under three years. However, the tremendous success came at a high cost: customer relationships were very weak. In search of a much better way to build client relationships Rajaee created its people, proposition and performance business model that helps foster long-term relationships and referrals. The fast-growing company today has successfully garnered clients from almost every major industry. One such successful client was a global engineering company, who had outsourced the development of its mobile inventory management system. For nine months, the client worked with seven offshore resources leading to numerous iterations and rework due to inefficient communication among other reasons. With TopDevz, the client was able to reduce rework from 64 percent to just two percent. “We started with two developers as opposed to seven, and within three months we rewrote the code and released it within their deadline.”

TopDevz is growing at a frantic pace while proving that their business model resonates with the current and evolving needs of today’s CIOs and CTOs. “As we stride ahead in our journey of exceeding customer expectations, the biggest testament to our services and people is the consistent referrals that we are getting from existing and past clients” concludes Rajaee.


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Ashkan Rajaee, CEO

Offers consulting services with a 100 percent onshore senior team employing best software development lifecycle practices