Topologe: Bridging the Gulf between Management and IT

Alejandro Sarmiento, CEO
Climbing the digital bandwagon, most federal agencies are building strategies to realize an efficient IT infrastructure but quite often most of these projects hang in limbo as management and IT act ‘in a vacuum’. This disconnect and lack of understanding between the management and IT casts shadow on IT projects that are already reeling under cost challenges. Having served as consultant and CIO for several years, Alejandro Sarmiento, the CEO of Topologe runs a team that brings management and IT teams on the same page in making technology decisions. By taking a proactive approach in mitigating threats in a constantly changing IT environment, Topologe today catering to several federal organizations by providing IT consultants and crafting cost-effective solutions tailored for clients’ individual IT needs. “We meet our clients’ expectations through a risk mitigated phased approach with careful consideration of our clients’ requirements,” says Alejandro Sarmiento, CEO.

As the federal market makes progress by embracing cloud and virtualization, Topologe focuses on offering expert consultant service driven by best practices and standards for its clients to smoothen this technology-based transition. Backed by IT expertise, Topologe enables clients to streamline their IT with solutions for infrastructure, web and mobile applications development, and business continuity. Additionally, security is addressed comprehensively by offering security audit and assessment, vulnerability testing, certification, Firewall, and VPN solutions. Topologe has expanded its service offering to encompass areas such as engineering, development, and configuration management. The company also offers cloud services.

As small and medium businesses struggle to afford a CIO, Topologe fulfills this requirement with an innovative service of providing temporary CIO to businesses that require them. These CIOs help businesses in aligning the client’s IT strategy with its business strategy, and to create an organizational structure that fosters IT adoption.

“Our product is our people,” says Sarmiento. By investing on workforce with IT talent–from IT Technicians to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) –having the ability to adapt to the nascent technologies, the company aims to deliver business continuity to its clients.

Our services are focused on solving our client’s IT challenges in a cost-effective manner, which is achieved by efficiency, a proactive approach, and strong employee retention strategy

Elevated customer experience and qualified employees form the crux of the business strategy for Topologe. “Our services are focused on solving our client’s IT challenges in a cost-effective manner, which is achieved by efficiency, a proactive approach, and strong employee retention strategy.”

Several federal institutions are benefitting from the partnership they have with Topologe. US Fish and Wildlife Services, Federal Aviation Administration, US Army Corps of Engineers and Department of Veterans Affairs are some of the names that have worked with Topologe to streamline their IT establishment. More recently, the IT services provider has developed a secure remote virtualization solution—built on VMware and Citrix—that helps a civilian government agency to provide email and application support for thousands of people in the field.

Having partnerships with VMware, Microsoft, and EMC, Topologe stays agile and relevant with the current technological advancements by relentlessly focusing on improving skills of its consultants and developing relationships with SMEs. “Our customers are becoming more aware of our brand due to the quality of work, referrals, and people we provide,” says Sarmiento.

For Topologe, its relationship with clients and employees is its differentiating factor that propels the company to provide best of breed IT solutions. With customer relationship and employee retention as its core value, Topologe continues to mature and grow exponentially across the U.S delivering nimble IT.



Alejandro Sarmiento, CEO

Provides technical consulting, solutions and support to achieve nimble IT infrastructure